The MAXNET Energy is a research consortium of eight Max Planck Institutes (MPIs) and two universities.

The target is the joint and thereby synergistic investigation of energy generation by water splitting including materials as well as technical design

The projects are conducted by the contribution of at least two research institutions. According to their expertise, this ranges from materials synthesis over theoretical description to the setup of new test devices.

Here, our department works on the synthesis of novel polymers which can be used as superior electrode binders compared to commercial standards or even membranes.


Alternative energy generation and resources are urgently needed. For an efficient implementation of sustainable alternatives the performance has to be at least as good as for conventional systems. Here, much progress is already visible, however, so far new materials are produced rather by a trial-and-error approach while no standardized rules and measures exist.

Therefore, the main focus is not on finding the best material and performance but rather on the fundamental understanding of catalysts and the creation of a universal measurement protocol.

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