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Dr. Shahrouz Amini
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PhD Position

PhD Position: Functional Interfaces in Biological Ceramics

Stellenangebot vom 20. April 2020

Biological ceramics (e.g., bones, teeth, seashells), in contrast with their engineering counterparts, comprise a fraction of weak and delicate organic phases, which have an essential role in their bottom-up assembly and formation of hierarchical structures1. The presence of these organic ingredients between (inter-) and within (intra-) crystalline spaces acts as solid lubricants promoting dislocation motions in biological ceramics, which eventually enhances the properties and performance of the tissues and prolongs their life span2,3. Accordingly, the design principles of biological ceramics have been a great source of inspiration for the development of damage-tolerant and functional materials.

Aim of the Project
Investigation the role of inter- and intra-crystalline interfaces in regulation of the elastic-inelastic responses of biological ceramics in different length scales (Atoms to Tissues/ Materials to Functions)

Required background
We are looking for highly motivated candidates with Master degree in materials science, mechanical engineering or physics and strong interest in characterization of biomaterials, and:

  • Hands-on experience with testing equipment and high-precision sample preparation techniques,
  • good command of both written and spoken English for preparing scientific publications and presenting research results at international congresses, and
  • a strong motivation to play an active role in an interdisciplinary research environment.

If you are interested in joining our group, please send your motivation letter, CV including contact details of referees, and university records as a single pdf-file to Dr. Shahrouz Amini ().


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