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Dr. Cécile Bidan
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Master or Internship Student

Master or Internship Student / Calcification of E. coli biofilms as a model for dental calculus

Stellenangebot vom 30. Juni 2020

MPIKG, Department of Biomaterials, Group "Principles of Matrix Architecture in Biofilms"

Dental calculus originates from calcification of the dental plaque, which is a biofilm formed by the oral bacteria. Our aim is to gain insight on the calcification triggers using a simplified in vitro model and verify the hypothesis that enzymes - present in both our model specie and the oral environment - play a key role in the mineralization process. Our reference system will be E. coli biofilms produced on nutritive agar gels complemented with salts.

The internship project will consist in producing mineralized biofilms, monitor their growth and take part in the characterization of the mineral phase using approaches derived from materials science. Therefore, the student will be introduced to biofilm culture at solid-air interface (preparation of agar plates and nutritious solutions, handling of S1 bacterial strains in sterile environment, seeding the bacteria to produce biofilms), staining and imaging techniques such as stereomicroscopy, as well as mineral characterization methods such as X-ray and Raman spectroscopy techniques.

We are looking for students in materials science, physical chemistry, biotechnology or biophysics and open to new methods and interdisciplinary interactions. Being familiar with bacteria or cell culture would be a plus. Independent thinking, team spirit and communication (mainly in English) will be the main motors for a successful project.


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