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MPI – Glycan Array Screening Facility

Glycan array analysis is now  standard technology of modern glycobiology. Complex carbohydrate structures are covalenly immobilized on a glass slide, which can subsequently be probed with potential interaction partners, for example lectins or antibodies. Glycan arrays have broad applications ranging from basic studies into the specificity of glycan binding proteins to medical research to identify biomarkers and aid vaccine development. The “Max Planck Society Glycan Array Screening Platform” is based mainly on synthetic oligosaccharides covering diverse glycan structures found throughout nature including but not limited to bacterial surface glycans, plant derived structures and cellular recognition motifs.

Our glycan array assays can be used for rapid screening to identify binding partners or evaluate the specificity of newly developed affinity probes. Tailor-made arrays can be printed to meet project needs including all quality controls. In house specialists On request can provide detailed analyses of the results.

More information concerning the Application Of Glycan Arrays can be found in the publications listed below:

Andreas Geißner, Chakkumkal Anish, and Peter H. Seeberger, "Glycan arrays as tools for infectious disease research," Current Opinion in Chemical Biology 18, 38-45 (2014).
Andreas Geissner and Peter H. Seeberger, "Glycan Arrays: From Basic Biochemical Research to Bioanalytical and Biomedical Applications.," Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 9 (1), 223-247 (2016).

We routinely use glycan arrays for different applications. A selection of recent original research articles are listed below. Please contact us with a project proposal if you are interested in access to our screening platform.


Petra Menova, Mauro Sella, Katrin Sellrie, Claney L. Pereira, and Peter H. Seeberger, "Identification of the Minimal Glycotope of Streptococcus pneumoniae 7F Capsular Polysaccharide using Synthetic Oligosaccharides," Chemistry – A European Journal 24 (16), 4181-4187 (2018).


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