Dr. Valerio Molinari
Dr. Valerio Molinari
Group Leader
Phone:+49 89 2109-9569Fax:+49 89 2109-9502

Kitchen Lab

Molecular gastronomy has revealed us one thing: chemists can be good cooks. These scientists have transferred their knowledge of chemistry into food science, thus creating new recipes that surprised everyone due to their “innovative, i.e. chemistry-lend” approach.

Yet, can a cook or anyone be a decent chemist?

We believe so, and in this laboratory molecular gastronomy is turned upside down: we take food knowledge to make advanced chemical materials.

With the help of common kitchen equipment and “supermarket ingredients”, we can design and prepare a broad range of materials that can be legally and health-wise prepared by anyone. The usage of such simple technology to make science not only triggers curiosity of e.g. school kids and the public, but might serve also as proof of concept to show the potential simplicity of materials chemistry.

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