Certificate "Work-Life-Balance"
Main goals of the auditing

Developing and implementing family oriented measures at the MPS

    creating better work conditions to help
    increase the MPS’s appeal internationally
    recruit highly qualified personnel
    motivate co-workers
    improve the corporate image


In November 2015 one part of the Audit procedure took place in Golm. Different institutes same quantities from the the newly-formed German states and the old West German states as well as single institutions and institutes that are located in a research centre have been chosen.

The heads of administration and personnel office and gender equality officers that attended this meeting have been invited to chose the main topics for this assessment process spontaneously. For our campus the following topics have been expressed in the following way:

  • More flexibility and simplification of the support and exemption for care giving relatives
  • possibility to set up parent child rooms in the institutes
  • guidelines for lab work of pregnant employees
  • extension of the substitution by temporary replacement personnel in the administration
  • ensure the payment of child care at conferences

catalogue for referents for workshops and seminars about the topic of gender and payment by



The Max Planck Society is the first scientific organization to receive the certificate from the non-profit company berufundfamilie, an initiative of the Hertie Foundation

    existing family-friendly measures were reviewed for that matter and continuative initiatives, that will help create a family-oriented company policy, defined
    im Anschluss wurden weiterführende Initiativen zur Verwirklichung einer familienbewussten Unternehmenspolitik definiert;
    annual reports in 2007, 2008, 2009


Second audit, MPS receives certificate for the second time. Auditing started in December 2008 and had to be completed by April 2009 to be considered for the award procedures.


Third audit, MPS receives certificate for the third time.The awareness for family related issues should be promoted in all areas of the institutes and the Administrative Headquarters. In this process, the Max Planck Society will focus on mainly four priorities in the next 3 years.

  •     improve the potential of a flexible work environment (working hours and place of work) especially for employees with family
  •     establish an information portal on issues related to work, science and family compatibility
  •     establish and implement a code of conduct for all executives
  •     extend care offers for children and relatives who are in need of care
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