What is Mentoring?

The term mentoring has its origins in Greek mythology and means "to guide" or "to support". In modern times, the task of a mentor is "to open doors". Mentors possess valuable experience of many different professional areas and career strategies and can pass on their knowledge to others. The protégé in this tandem relationship is often called "mentee".

Benefits for mentees

  • You share in the experience and expertise of female mentors
  • You get concrete ideas about the working world and career development
  • You establish important contacts and gain access to the special networks of female mentors
  • You gain feedback to facilitate self-assessment, ensuring realistic self-perception
  • You boost your motivation
  • You build important career-relevant and strategic skills

Benefits for mentors

  • You are part of a career-relevant network
  • You enhance and train your social competence
  • You assess your own career path and the experience you have gained
  • You gain feedback to facilitate self-assessment, ensuring a realistic self-perception
  • You build up your leadership skills
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