Registration for a Place in a Kindergarten

Because of the limited number of places for child care and to place your child in a facility you prefer it is important to register as early as possible.Many kindergartens have waiting times which can be reduced if you apply early.

Please follow these important steps for the registration:

  1. Your principal residence has to be Potsdam.
    Colleagues living in Berlin have the possibility to request a cost transfer to a child care institution in Potsdam from your borough.

  2. Contact the personal office
    The application form with annex in which the employment state of the parents is verified by the employer has to be filled in. The personnel office will confirm this and check if all necessary informations are filled in. Thus unsuccessful appointments in the town hall can be avoided. A list with bilingual child care facilities can be found on the homepage.
    The application form can be downloaded here (soon also available in English)

  3. Appointment in the town hall (KitaTip)
    In the KitaTip office it will be proofed on basis of the application form what kind of legal claim you hold. The agents speak English and Russian.
    Information about the KiTa Tip office can be found here. Currently also the parents money (Elterngeld, which is a kind of child allowance) (waiting time approx. 15 weeks) is handled there. Queue time can occur. You can also arrange an appointment via mail or phone.

  4. For Phd Students
    As a student of the University of Potsdam you have the additional possibility to contact the office of the equal opportunities commissioner and the student’s organisation service Studentenwerk. They also have places in the Springfrosch Kita in Golm.
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