GB Plans for 2017 - Yael Politi and Ana Vila-Verde

As officers for gender equality we defined several work directions which we believe will help the
institute achieving its (short term) gender equality goals and improve its working culture:

  1. Promoting women scientists by helping them acquire skills and confidence that can support their carrier progression.
  2. Rising awareness to gender related topics such as gender bias and society constructs of gender-roles and stereotypes.
  3. Helping workers to maintain a beneficial work-life balance for everyone and especially for parents of all sexes.
  4. Fighting sexisms and sexualized harassment at the work place by rising awareness and providing support and advice to victims of sexualized harassment.

In order to fulfill these goals we will take these actions in the years 2017/2018:

1) Workshops and seminars:
To tackle topics related to visibility and confidence of female scientist we would like to offer several workshops – see (a) and (b). The workshops will be first offered to female employees and a second round will be open to all employees. The workshops will be repeated yearly and/or as requested. We also offer general gender awareness workshop, and awareness for gender equality (e) in STEM  (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields (f).

a. Self-presentation workshop (two events: the first will be closed for women only, the second will be open for all employees)
b. Voice and body coaching workshop
c. Minerva Femmnet presentation by Anthe Huebenthal (2018)
d. PME info event
e. Gender awareness workshop
f. Talk about “Women in Physics”

2) Work-Life balance discussion groups:
These groups will be constructed based on mutual interests (students, pos-docs, GL, administration, technical staff etc) and separated for female and male participants. The groups will meet 2 times/yr with a moderator and together they will discuss difficulties and issues they encounter in maintaining a fruitful work-life balance. They participant will learn and draw support from each other but moreover they will help the GEO in identifying the problems faces by different members/sections of the working staff at the institute. These insights will be used by the GEO and the directors in the preparation of the GB plan and strategies for the coming years.

3) Child care during department retreat, local conferences organized by the MPIKG and summer
We encourage the organization of child care during department retreats. The child care will be organized by the departments with the help of the administration and using PME services. The child care is paid by the MPI, however child accommodation and transport are to be paid by the parents. We will organize child care at the institute during the summer break and provide an appropriate space for the children activities. The child care will be paid by the parents.

4) Formulate a “code of conduct”
We wish to formulate a code of conduct document that will state the commitment of the institute to equal opportunities for all employees with no discrimination based on gender, race religion, and country of origin or disability. The document will be based on the “code of conduct” document established at the central GE office. All employees will be asked to sign the document (in a similar way to safety instructions).

5) Maintenance of the equal opportunity website

6) Rising awareness for GEO presence and duties.
This will be accomplished by advertisements at conspicuous locations and notice boards, and via annual presentation at department meetings or journal-clubs and at the annual employee meeting.

7) Pregnancy:
a. Establishing a protocol and advice for pregnant women regarding lab work and safety measures. The details will be established with the coming institute safety officer
b. Assistance for women during and after pregnancy and compensation for lost time. The Details of the established GEO suggestion will be negotiated with the managing director asap. The model employed by MPIMP may be used as an example.

8) Request statistics for salary pay for post-docs, GL, administration and technicians with
respect to gender.
It is our duty to collect and analyze (anonymously) data concerning the employment status and the salaries of female/male employees. We ask for the administration assistance and collaboration in providing this data.

9) Coaching for GEO
In order to better fulfill our role and to accommodate our obligations as GEOs without compromising our daily work and duties, we seek assistance from professionals working in the field of gender equality and conflict management. The meetings will take place twice/year.

10) Continue regular audit by the non-profit company Berufundfamilie, to ensure continued progression towards gender-equal practices

11) Continue monitoring of all aspects related to job-advertising, hiring and promotions to foment gender-equal practices and to prevent discrimination

12) We wish to foster closer relationships and collaboration with neighboring institutes (MPIMP and Einstein Institute) in order to exchange ideas, discuss alternative solutions and offer a larger and more diverse crowd for the above-mentioned workshops.

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