BSc-/MSc- and research practical/internship-student positions available in the Carbohydrates: Structure and Function group

Job Offer from January 27, 2021

Interested students are welcome to join our group to carry out an internship, Bachelor or Masters thesis.

Within the group you can work on projects spanning the whole breadth of protein science, starting from cloning, protein expression and purification, protein characterization using various biochemical and biophysical techniques, crystallisation, and structure determination.

Possible projects include, but not limited to:

  • Cloning, expression and purification of glycoside hydrolases involved in fungal biofilm degradation
  • Characterisation of enzymes involved in extracellular polysaccharide degradation and remodelling
  • Development of glycosynthases for the chemoenzymatic synthesis of glycan structures.
  • Characterisation of bacterial glycosyltransferases
  • Purification and crystallization of a bacterial α-N-acetylgucosaminidase from the gut microbiome

If you are interested write an E-Mail to Christian Roth () with the position and project you are interested in.

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