Post-Doctoral Positon | Molecular Force Sensors for Cell Biology Applications

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Potsdam-Golm

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Immunobiology and Infection Biology & Medicine Structural and Cell Biology Chemistry Solid State Research & Material Sciences

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Job offer from March 30, 2021

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Molecular force sensors are excellent tools for measuring and controlling forces at the cell-matrix interface. Only a small number of protein-based molecular building blocks have so far been utilized for designing molecular force sensors. Over the last years, our group has established a library of mechanically calibrated and tunable coiled coils. In this project, you will turn these coiled coil building blocks into molecular force sensors and utilize these for measuring integrin-ligand forces in 2D and, possibly, 3D cell culture experiments. The project is highly interdisciplinary and ranges from the synthesis of fluorescently labelled coiled coils and their mechanical characterization with single-molecule force spectroscopy to live cell imaging. Depending on your interests, the project can be tailored towards force sensors synthesis, biophysical characterization or cell biology applications.


You have completed a PhD in Chemistry, Biophysics or Cell Biology. Besides having a strong background in at least one of the above-mentioned areas, you aim to expand your knowledge and learn and develop the other techniques. The project involves collaborations with other groups at the institute as well as a number of external collaborations. You should have a strong interest in a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach. Independent thinking, communication and team spirit are crucial for a successful development of the project.

The Max Planck Society is committed to promoting equality and diversity. We welcome applicants from all sections of the community, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability or sexual orientation. In the Mechano(bio)chemistry group we are all working together to be a place where we can be ourselves, share our experiences, learn from each other and do our best work.

Additional information about the vacancy can be obtained from:

Dr. Kerstin Blank
Please send your application (incl. cover letter, CV, names and contact details of 2 references) to Dr. Kerstin Blank. The application deadline is May 15, 2021.

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