Janina Koßmann

PhD Student
Colloid Chemistry
Old Chemistry for New Advanced Materials
+49 331 567-9526
+49 331 567-9502

Curriculum Vitae

Janina Kossmann studied business chemistry at the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. She wrote her bachelor thesis in the department of Organic Chemistry and Macromolecular Chemistry with Prof. Dr. Thomas J. J. Müller and finished her studies with a master thesis in cooperation with Evonik Ressource Effiency GmbH. In 2019 she joined the Colloid Chemistry Department of the Max-Planck Institute under Prof. Markus Antonietti in the group of Nieves Lopez-Salas where is now working on the synthesis, characterization and application of noble carbonaceous (C1N1) materials.

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