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Marwan, N.; Beller, G.; Felsenberg, D.; Saparin, P.; Kurths, J.: Quantifying changes in the spatial structure of trabecular bone. International Journal of Bifurcation and Chaos in Applied Sciences and Engineering 22 (2), 1250027 (2012)
Saparin, P.; Scherf, H.; Hublin, J. J.; Fratzl, P.; Weinkamer, R.: Structural adaptation of trabecular bone revealed by position resolved analysis of proximal femora of different primates. The Anatomical Record 294 (1), S. 55 - 67 (2011)
Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.; Saparin, P.: Generalized recurrence plot analysis for spatial data. Physics Letters 360 (4-5), S. 545 - 551 (2007)
Marwan, N.; Saparin, P.; Kurths, J.: Measures of complexity for 3D image analysis of trabecular bone. European Physical Journal - Special Topics 143, S. 109 - 116 (2007)
Saparin, P.; Thomsen, J. S.; Kurths, J.; Beller, G.; Gowin, W.: Segmentation of bone CT images and assessment of bone structure using measures of complexity. Medical Physics 33 (10), S. 3857 - 3873 (2006)
Saparin, P. I.; Thomsen, J. S.; Prohaska, S.; Zaikin, A.; Kurths, J.; Hege, H. C.; Gowin, W.: Quantification of spatial structure of human proximal tibial bone biopsies using 3D measures of complexity. Acta Astronautica 56 (9-12), S. 820 - 830 (2005)
Thomsen, J. S.; Morukov, B. V.; Vico, L.; Alexandre, C.; Saparin, P. I.; Gowin, W.: Cancellous bone structure of iliac crest biopsies following 370 days of head-down bed rest. Aviation Space and Environmental Medicine 76 (10), S. 915 - 922 (2005)

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Meeting Abstract
Saparin, P.; Scherf, H.; Hublin, J.; Fratzl, P.; Weinkamer, R.: The trabecular bone architecture in proximal femora of primates with different locomotor preferences indicates different adaptation mechanisms. In Bone, 44 (Suppl. 1), S. S63. Elsevier, New York (2009)
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