Publikationen von Mariá Jerigová

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Jerigová, M.; Heske, J.; Kühne, T.; Tian, Z.; Tovar, M.; Odziomek, M.; Lopez Salas, N.: C1N1 thin films from guanine decomposition fragments. Advanced Materials Interfaces 10 (6), 2202061 (2023)
Jerigová, M.; Odziomek, M.; Lopez Salas, N.: “We are here!” Oxygen functional groups in carbons for electrochemical applications. ACS Omega 7 (14), S. 11544 - 11554 (2022)
Wang, H.; Jerigová, M.; Hou, J.; Tarakina, N. V.; Delacroix, S.; López-Salas, N.; Strauß, V.: Modulating between 2e- and 4e- pathway in the oxygen reduction reaction with laser-synthesized iron oxide-grafted nitrogen-doped carbon. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 10 (45), S. 24156 - 24166 (2022)
Rat, S.; Chavez-Sanchez, A.; Jerigová, M.; Cruz, D.; Antonietti, M.: Acetic anhydride polymerization as a pathway to functional porous organic polymers and their application in acid–base catalysis. ACS Applied Polymer Materials 3 (5), S. 2588 - 2597 (2021)
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