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Journal Article (7)

  1. 2015
    Journal Article
    Repp, F.; Vetter, A.; Duda, G. N.; Weinkamer, R.: The connection between cellular mechanoregulation and tissue patterns during bone healing. Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing. 53 (9), pp. 829 - 42 (2015)
  2. 2013
    Journal Article
    Vetter, A.; Sander, O.; Duda, G. N.; Weinkamer, R.: Healing of a mechano-responsive material. EPL 104, 68005 (2013)
  3. 2012
    Journal Article
    Vetter, A.; Witt, F.; Sander, O.; Duda, G. N.; Weinkamer, R.: The spatio-temporal arrangement of different tissues during bone healing as a result of simple mechanobiological rules. Biomechanics and Modeling in Mechanobiology 11 (1-2), pp. 147 - 160 (2012)
  4. 2011
    Journal Article
    Witt, F.; Petersen, A.; Seidel, R.; Vetter, A.; Weinkamer, R.; Duda, G. N.: Combined In Vivo/In Silico Study of Mechanobiological Mechanisms During Endochondral Ossification in Bone Healing. Annals of Biomedical Engineering 39 (10), pp. 2531 - 2541 (2011)
  5. Journal Article
    Vetter, A.; Liu, Y.; Witt, F.; Inderchand, M.; Sander, O.; Epari, D. R.; Fratzl, P.; Duda, G. N.; Weinkamer, R.: The mechanical heterogeneity of the hard callus influences local tissue strains during bone healing: a finite element study based on sheep experiments. Journal of Biomechanics 44 (3), pp. 517 - 523 (2011)
  6. 2010
    Journal Article
    Vetter, A.; Epari, D. R.; Seidel, R.; Schell, H.; Fratzl, P.; Duda, G. N.; Weinkamer, R.: Temporal tissue patterns in bone healing of sheep. Journal of Orthopaedic Research 28 (11), pp. 1440 - 1447 (2010)
  7. Journal Article
    Blacklock, J.; Vetter, A.; Lankenau, A.; Oupicky, D.; Möhwald, H.: Tuning the mechanical properties of bioreducible multilayer films for improved cell adhesion and transfection activity. Biomaterials 31 (27), pp. 7167 - 7174 (2010)

Thesis - PhD (1)

  1. 2010
    Thesis - PhD
    Vetter, A.: Mechanobiology of healing and regeneration of bone. Dissertation, Humboldt Universität, Berlin (2010)
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