Publications of Reinhard Lipowsky

Journal Article (383)

Journal Article
Lipowsky, R.: The semi-infinite Potts model: a new low temperature phase. Zeitschrift für Physik B 45 (3), pp. 229 - 235 (1982)
Journal Article
Lipowsky, R.; Wagner, H.: The Migdal-Kadanoff renormalization group scheme for the Ising model with a free surface. Zeitschrift für Physik B 42 (4), pp. 355 - 365 (1981)
Journal Article
Horner, H.; Lipowsky, R.: On the theory of turbulence: a non eulerian renormalized expansion. Zeitschrift für Physik B 33 (3), pp. 223 - 231 (1979)

Book (1)

Lipowsky, R.: Multiresponsive behavior of biomembranes and giant vesicles. Academic Press, London (2019)

Book Chapter (17)

Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Understanding and controlling the morphological complexity of biomembranes. In: Advances in Biomembranes and Lipid Self-Assembly, Vol. 30, pp. 105 - 157 (2019)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Understanding membranes and vesicles: a personal recollection of the last two decades. In: Physics of biological membranes, pp. 3 - 44 (Ed. Bassereau, P.). Springer, Cham (2018)
Book Chapter
Klumpp, S.; Keller, C.; Berger, F.; Lipowsky, R.: Molecular Motors: Cooperative Phenomena of Multiple Molecular Motors. In: Multiscale Modeling in Biomechanics and Mechanobiology, pp. 27 - 61 (Eds. De, S.; Hwang, W.; Kuhl, E.). Springer, London (2015)
Book Chapter
Müller, M. J. I.; Berger, F.; Klumpp, S.; Lipowsky, R.: Cargo transport by teams of molecular motors: basic mechanisms for intracellular drug delivery. In: Organelle-specific pharmaceutical nanotechnology, pp. 289 - 309 (Eds. Weissig, V.; D'Souza, G. M. G.). Wiley, Hoboken (2010)
Book Chapter
Müller, M. J. I.; Beeg, J.; Dimova, R.; Klumpp, S.; Lipowsky, R.: Traffic by small teams of molecular motors. In: Traffic and Granular Flow '07, pp. 695 - 700 (Eds. Appert-Rolland, C.; Chevoir, F.; Gondret, P.; Lassarre, S.; Lebacque, J.-P. et al.). Springer, Berlin (2009)
Book Chapter
Klumpp, S.; Müller, M. J. I.; Lipowsky, R.: Traffic of molecular motors. In: Traffic and granular flow '05, pp. 251 - 261 (Eds. Schadschneider, A.; Pöschel, T.; Kühne, R.; Schreckenberg, M.; Wolf, D. E.). Springer, Berlin (2007)
Book Chapter
Weikl, T. R.; Lipowsky, R.: Membrane adhesion and domain formation. In: Advances in Planar Lipid Bilayers and Liposomes, Vol. 5, pp. 63 - 127 (2007)
Book Chapter
Kierfeld, J.; Kraikivski, P.; Kühne, T.; Lipowsky, R.: Cooperative behaviour of semiflexible polymers and filaments. In: Traffic and granular flow '05, pp. 239 - 249 (Eds. Schadschneider, A.; Pöschel, T.; Kühne, R.; Schreckenberg, M.; Wolf, D. E.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2006)
Book Chapter
Zhou, H. J.; Lipowsky, R.: Network Brownian motion: A new method to measure vertex-vertex proximity and to identify communities and subcommunities. In: Computational Science - ICCS 2004. PT 3, Proceedings, Vol. 3038, pp. 1062 - 1069 (Ed. Sunderam, V. S.). Springer-Verlag, Berlin (2004)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Movements of molecular motors. In: Biological Physics 2000, pp. 41 - 55. World Scientific, Singapore (2001)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Biomimetic materials and transport systems. In: European White Book on Fundamental Research in Materials Science, pp. 78 - 82. Max-Planck-Institut für Metallforschung, Stuttgart (2001)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: From membranes to membrane machines. In: Statistical mechanics of biocomplexity: Proceedings of the XV Sitges Conference held at Sitges, Barcelona, Spain, 8-12 June 1998, pp. 1 - 23 (Eds. Reguera, D.; Vilar, J. M. G.; Rubí, J. M.). Springer, Berlin (1999)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Vesicles and biomembranes. In: Encyclopedia of Applied Physics, Vol. 23, pp. 199 - 222 (Ed. Trigg, G. L.). Wiley-VCH, Weinheim (1998)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Self-organization of colloids and interfaces. In: Nonlinear Cooperative Phenomena in Biological Systems, pp. 113 - 144 (Ed. Matsson, L.). World Scientific, Singapore (1998)
Book Chapter
Seifert, U.; Lipowsky, R.: Shapes of fluid vesicles. In: Handbook of nonmedical applications of liposomes, Vol. Volume 1, pp. 43 - 68 (Eds. Lasic, D.; Barenholz, Y.). CRC, Boca Raton (1996)
Book Chapter
Lipowsky, R.: Generic interactions of flexible membranes. In: Handbook of biological physics, Vol. 1B, pp. 521 - 602 (Eds. Lipowsky, R.; Sackmann, E.). Elsevier, Amsterdam (1995)
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