Publications of J. Roeser

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Journal Article
Katekomol, P.; Roeser, J.; Bojdys, M.; Weber, J.; Thomas, A.: Covalent triazine frameworks prepared from 1,3,5-tricyanobenzene. Chemistry of Materials 25 (9), pp. 1542 - 1548 (2013)
Journal Article
Roeser, J.; Kailasam, K.; Thomas, A.: Covalent triazine frameworks as heterogeneous catalysts for the synthesis of cyclic and linear carbonates from carbon dioxide and epoxides. ChemSusChem 5 (9), pp. 1793 - 1799 (2012)
Journal Article
Roeser, J.; Kronstein, M.; Litschauer, M.; Thomas, A.; Neouze, M. A.: Ionic nanoparticle networks as solid state catalysts. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (32 SI), pp. 5305 - 5311 (2012)
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