Publikationen von Sarah Young

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Young, S.; Rummler, M.; Taïeb, H. M.; Garske, D.; Ellinghaus, A.; Duda, G. N.; Willie, B. M.; Cipitria, A.: In vivo microCT-based time-lapse morphometry reveals anatomical site-specific differences in bone (re)modeling serving as baseline parameters to detect early pathological events. Bone 161, 116432 (2022)
Pohl, A.; Young, S.; Schmitz, T. C.; Farhadi, D.; Zarivach, R.; Faivre, D.; Blank, K. G.: Magnetite-binding proteins from the magnetotactic bacterium Desulfamplus magnetovallimortis BW-1. Nanoscale 13 (48), S. 20396 - 20400 (2021)
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