Glycoproteomics: Master and PhD Thesis

Master and PhD Thesis in Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry
Dept. Biomolecular Systems

Job offer from March 10, 2015

in Biochemistry and Mass Spectrometry (Glycomics, Proteomics und Glycoproteomics) in the Research Group "Glycoproteomics".

» What role do glycoproteins play in biological systems?

» Why is protein glycosylation changing in diseases?

» How can we detect and analyse these differences?

» How do we apply highly sensitive Mass Spectrometry techniques to these challenges?

I am searching for highly motivated students that would like to assist in finding answers to these and many other glycoproteomic challenges that this fairly young interdisciplinary scientific field is facing. You need to provide the interest and motivation to work in the fields of Glycomics, Proteomics and Glycoproteomics where we use highly sophisticated mass spectrometric approaches to dig deep into the glycoproteome.

The work will include both, method development and application of existing and newly developed workflows to answer complex medical-biological questions in diverse fields such as male infertility or chronic bowel inflammations that we try to tackle in cooperation our partners.

A short list of possible topics:

» "Glycoproteomics of human seminal fluid - assessing the biomarker potential of glycoproteins"

» "Assesing the potential of lectins in glycoproteomics"

» "The glycoproteome in chronic bowel inflammation"

» ... and many more......

For further questions please contact Daniel Kolarich directly.


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