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The Logo serves as a visual identification mark for the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. Its genuine application on all relevant publications is a basic requirement for an effective and recognizable identity within the inner and outer communication.

The following guidelines will help you to apply the Logo files in the correct way after downloading.

The Logo

The Logo consists of a ligature "ci", whereby foot and body of the "i" is visible as a negative inside of the "c". It stands for colloids and interfaces as well as for a nanocapsule, which functions as a container for drug delivery.


The Logo has got the special color HKS 44, whereby the "c" is screened to 75% and the dot to 100% of this coloring.
The following values are necessary for fourcolor printing: 100c, 60m, 7y, 1k. In analogy for RGB the values are: R0, G101, B167.


The position and combination of font and Logo follows after the same scheme as you can see in the download files (according to the requirement with or without writing). For the writing of the institute’s name you should use the font Univers Condensed Bold. The preferred writing is double spaced.
Because of the compact and flat impression of the Logo in comparison to the "MPG-Minerva" or other comparable signs it should be used in a smaller version.
In preference the Logo should stand on a white ground surrounded by enough white space.

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