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PhD position in Photocatalysis

Stellenangebot vom 30. Januar 2018

PhD position in Photocatalysis

We are currently looking for a highly motivated PhD student to join the Catalysis group at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (Science Park, Potsdam-Golm). The PhD candidate will work on projects that involve advanced organic chemistry, photocatalysis as well as material science.

Our main aim is the development of sustainable catalytic transformations for selective functional group interconversions and coupling reactions with a strong focus on visble-light photocatalysis using heterogeneous organic semiconductors.

The PhD candidate will be part of a friendly, international, and collaborative group of scientists. Experience in organic synthesis, and related analytical techniques are required. Please send your application including a cover letter, your CV and a letter of recommendation from your M.Sc. advisor to Dr. Bartholomäus Pieber:

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