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Dr. Nieves  Lopez Salas
Dr. Nieves Lopez Salas
Group Manager "Carbocatalysis"
Phone:+49 331 567-9526Fax:+49 331 567-9502
Dr. Svitlana  Filonenko
Dr. Svitlana Filonenko
Group Manager "New solvents for green processes"
Phone:+49 331 567-9527Fax:+49 331 567-9502
Dr. Sylvain Rat
Dr. Sylvain Rat
Group Manager "Carbon-based Nanozymes for Catalysis "
Paolo  Giusto
Paolo Giusto
Responsible "Carbon-based Organic Thin Film for Optics and Electronics"
Phone:+49 331 567-9517Fax:+49 331 567-9502

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Old Chemistry for New Advanced Materials

Our group aims to break with the traditions in the fields of carbon materials, solvents chemistry and thin films by being inspired in old chemistry concepts. Know more about each of our different research lines by clicking on the links of each of our projects.


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