Thesis - Diploma (10)

  1. 2012
    Thesis - Diploma
    Schmidt, I.: Charakterisierung der Mineralpartikelgrößen und Mineralpartikelorientierung in Knochen von Patienten mit Osteogenesis Imperfecta Typ I mittels Röntgenstreumethoden. Diploma, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin (2012)
  2. 2011
    Thesis - Diploma
    Reinecke, A. A.: Exploring molecular gradients in byssal threads of mytilus mussels. Diploma, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2011)
  3. 2010
    Thesis - Diploma
    Bischler, R.: Tailored Nanostructured Metal Borides. Diploma, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt (2010)
  4. 2008
    Thesis - Diploma
    Kerschnitzki, M.: Die Kontrolle der mechanischen Eigenschaften von Knochen durch die Veränderung der Temperatur, der Dehnrate, des pH-Wertes und des ionischen Mediums. Diploma, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2008)
  5. Thesis - Diploma
    Lukas, C.: Modeling of the mechanical implications of the inhomogeneity of bone material. Diploma, Technische Universität, Berlin (2008)
  6. 2007
    Thesis - Diploma
    Lange, C.: Quantitative und qualitative Analyse der Gewebeentstehung in vitro. Diploma, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2007)
  7. 2002
    Thesis - Diploma
    Bodenthin, Y.: Struktur dünner Filme aus metallo-supermolekularen Modulen. Diploma, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2002)
  8. Thesis - Diploma
    Kölsch, P.: Ionenverteilung an Grenzflächen. Diploma, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2002)
  9. 2001
    Thesis - Diploma
    Kohlmeier, A.: Synthese chemisch funktionalisierter Sulfoniumtenside und Charakterisierung ihrer flüssigkristallinen Phasen. Diploma, Hochschule Zittau/Görlitz (2001)
  10. 1995
    Thesis - Diploma
    Mahnke, J.: Untersuchungen an lateral strukturierten Langmuir-Blodgett-Schichten: Ellipsometrie und Randwinkelmessungen. Diploma, 56 pp., Universität, Regensburg (1995)

Thesis - Master (31)

  1. 2018
    Thesis - Master
    Fortes, R.: Synthesis of Carbohydrate Building Blocks for Automated Glycan Assembly. Master, 67 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2018)
  2. Thesis - Master
    Perovic, M.: Illuminating the Principles of Partial Glucose Oxidation in Aqueous Solution with Molecular Oxygen Using Gold Catalysts on Carbonaceous Model Supports. Master, 59 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2018)
  3. Thesis - Master
    Schmitz, T.: Interaction of magnetosomal proteins with synthetic magnetite nanoparticles. Master, 65, XII pp., Universität Ulm, Ulm (2018)
  4. Thesis - Master
    Schutjajew, K.: Phase Transitions of Ionic Liquids Confined in Charged Carbon Nanopores. Master, Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2018)
  5. Thesis - Master
    Zemke, F.: In situ characterization of formation processes of synthetic spider silk. Master, 62, vii, 10 pp., Technische Universität, Berlin (2018)
  6. 2017
    Thesis - Master
    Farhadi, D.: Klonierung, Expression und Charakterisierung des Magnetit-bindenden Proteins Mad10 aus Desulfamplus magnetovallimortis BW-1. Master, Hochschule Niederrhein, Krefeld (2017)
  7. Thesis - Master
    Yaadav, R.: Single-molecule force spectroscopy of the N-terminal domain (NTD) of spider silk proteins. Master, Amity University, Noida, India (2017)
  8. 2016
    Thesis - Master
    Cerdá Doñate, E.: Life in a microcontainer. Microfluidic techniques to characterise magnetotactic bacteria. Master, 33 pp., Université Claude Bernard Lyon, Lyon (2016)
  9. Thesis - Master
    Tunn, I.: Characterization of metal-binding synthetic coiled coil peptides. Master, IX, 89 pp., Universität, Potsdam (2016)
  10. 2015
    Thesis - Master
    Huss, J.: The material design behind serotiny: A comparative study of two Banksia species along a climatic gradient in Western Australia. Master, Freiburg (2015)
  11. Thesis - Master
    Tröger-Müller, S.: Synthesis and Application of Sustainable Ionic Liquids. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2015)
  12. 2014
    Thesis - Master
    Bartetzko, M.: Automated Solid-Phase Synthesis of Plant Arabinogalactan Fragments. Master, 91 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2014)
  13. Thesis - Master
    Czarnecki, M.: Solid Phase Synthesis and Characterization of Zwitterionic Precision Polymers for Biomedical Applications. Master, 72 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2014)
  14. Thesis - Master
    Größel, J.: Synthesis of glycosylated Dolichol Derivatives. Master, 85 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2014)
  15. Thesis - Master
    Schmidt, D.: Automated Solid-Phase Synthesis of Plant Arabinoxylan Fragments. Master, 85 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2014)
  16. Thesis - Master
    Tomschek, K.: Effect of pH on Magnetospirillum magneticum using fermentation. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2014)
  17. Thesis - Master
    Wagner, T.: Generation of C-type lectin receptor-Fc fusion proteins and their functional characterization: SIGN-R1-hFc and Dectin-2-hFc. Master, 80 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2014)
  18. Thesis - Master
    Zelmer, C.: Precision Glycomacromolecules and their Multivalent Presentation at Soft Surfaces. Master, 84 pp., Freie Universität Berlin, Berlin (2014)
  19. 2013
    Thesis - Master
    Blaszkiewicz, J.: The Potential of Hydroxylated Poly(N-alkyl glycine)s as Antifreeze Additives. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
  20. Thesis - Master
    Doriti, A.: Synthesis of Functionalized Polypeptides. Master, 41 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
  21. Thesis - Master
    Fernandez-Castano, M.: Sustainable Building Blocks for Polymers. Master, 37 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
  22. Thesis - Master
    Knaack, J. U. P.: Synthesis of Glycopeptides for Evaluating the Influence of N-Glycan Core-Fucosylation on Protease Activity. Master, 70 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
  23. Thesis - Master
    Metzke, S.: Synthesis and Characterization of Transition Metal Nitrides and Carbides for Catalysis and Electrochemistry Application. Master, 69 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
  24. Thesis - Master
    Poremski, S.: Towards the De Novo Synthesis of Pseudaminic Acid. Master, 61 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
  25. Thesis - Master
    Wang, H.: Functionalization of Soft Colloidal Probes for Biosensing. Master, 55 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
  26. Thesis - Master
    Zhukova, Y.: Synthesis of porous PEG-protein particles by hard templating with CaCO3. Master, 75 pp., Freie Universität, Berlin (2013)
  27. Thesis - Master
    Zimmermann, S.: The murine C-type lectin receptor Mincle: Functional characterization, ligand specificity, and its role in inflammation. Master, 74 pp., Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2013)
  28. 2012
    Thesis - Master
    Pinchasik, B.-E.: Gradient Polymer Coatings for Induced Motion of Microcapsules. Master, Humboldt-Universität, Berlin (2012)
  29. 2006
    Thesis - Master
    Sharif, M. H.: High performance computing of 1/√x & e ±x in alpha, intel, and opteron processors. Master, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Duisburg (2006)
  30. 2004
    Thesis - Master
    Ba, J.: The synthesis of macroporous polymer gels and Their use as scaffolds for fuel cell membranes and catalysts. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2004)
  31. Thesis - Master
    Nazaran, P.: Mobility of polyelectrolyte multilayer: Influence of external stimuli. Master, Universität Potsdam, Potsdam (2004)
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