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X-ray Analysis

  • SAXS I: NanoStar (high flux configuration) with sealed tube, crossed Göbel-mirrors and HiStar multiwire proportional counter (Bruker AXS)
  • SAXS II: Nanostar (scanning-SAXS configuration) with rotating anode X-ray generator, crossed Göbel mirrors and HiStar area detector (Bruker AXS)
  • SAXS III: pinhole instrument with rotating anode generator (Nonius), Confocal-Max-flux™ optics (Osmic) and image plate or MarCCD area detectors
  • Powder diffractometer I: D8, θ-θ configuration with sealed tube, G¨bel-mirror and Sol-X solid state detector (Bruker AXS)
  • Powder diffractometer II: PDS θ-2θ diffractometer with sealed tube and 1D 120° detector (Nonius)
  • Microtomography: Skyscan-1072, high resolution desk-top micro-CT system (Skyscan)
  • Microfocus beamline at BESSY II in Berlin Adlershof (together with BESSY GmbH and Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung (BAM), with 4-30 keV energy range, several optical schemes (Bragg-Fresnel optics, bimorph mirror, glass capillaries) and down to 5 µm beam size at >109 ph/s. Scanning SAXS/WAXS/XRF experimental station with MarMOSAIC detector (instrument in construction, to be operational mid 2005).

Electron Microscopy

  • Fieldemission-Environmental-Scanning-Electron-Microscope (FE-ESEM) combined with a cooling device and microtensile testing machines for structural investigations and in-situ-tests (Fei)

Light Microscopy

  • Leica DM RXA2 with CCD camera, incident light, transmitted light, polarised light, fluorescence

Mechanical testing

  • Nanoindenter UB1 (Hysitron)
  • Zwick universal testing machine
  • MTS Tytron microforce testing system
  • Several in-house built tension devices for in-situ experiments with synchrotron radiation SAXS/WAXS as well as with the ESEM or the Raman-Microscope

Rapid prototyping

  • 3D Wax printer: Modelmaker 2 (Solidscape)
  • Sterolithography machine, Digital Light Processing: Perfactory Mini (Envisiontec)

Sample preparation and treatment

  • Logitech grinding and polishing machine
  • Leica SP1600 saw-microtome / inside hole saw
  • Isomet low speed diamond saw
  • Motorised rotation microtome Leica RM 2255
  • Inert-gas furnace (up to 1600°C in vacuum, inert atmosphere)
  • Tube furnace (up to 1200°C in vacuum, air or inert atmosphere)
  • Muffle furnace (up to 1200°C in air)

Cell culture

CO2 Incubator

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