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Biomembranes and more

Maria-Anna Kirmpaki

Undergarduate student

(since March 2020)

Material properties of photoswichable membranes

Nannan Chen


(since Nov 2019)

Mechanism of the liquid-liquid phase separation of soy glycinin, protein droplets-to-microcapsules transformation and their interaction with model membranes

Mareike Stephan

PhD student, IMPRS fellow

(since August 2019)

Bacterial mimetic systems for the study of bacteriophage infection

(in collaboration with S. Barbirz and T. Robinson)

Shreya Pramanik

PhD student

(since Sept 2019)

From giant vesicles to smart membrane compartments

(cosupervision with R. Lipowsky and J. Steinkühler)

Mina Aleksanyan

MSc student (June 2018 - June 2019)

PhD student, IMPRS fellow (since Oct 2019)

Controlling transmembrane transport by light; Deformation and electroporation of model membranes and cell-derived vesicles

Ziliang Zhao


(since April 2016)

Morphology of membranes in contact with aqueous two-phase systems

Tripta Bhatia


(since Feb 2016)

Assessing membrane mechanics with micropipettes

Vasil Georgiev

PhD student

IMPRS fellow (Sept 2013 - March 2017); postdoc (since April 2017)

Light-induced changes in biomembranes; ESCRT-mediated membrane reshaping

Carmen Remde

Chemical engineer

(since Jan 2005)

Maintenance of the confocal microscopes and other equipment in the lab


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Current members

Rumiana Dimova

Principle investigator