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Biomembranes and more

Publicity (links):

Article about some of the work in our group in relation to origin of life, published in Max Planck Research: „How cells get their shape“ (click here for the German version), June/September, 2018

press release on patterns of tubes, June 2016

Article about R. Dimova in Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung („Im Himmel der Wissenschaft“, in German), October, 2015

press release on membrane nanotubes (click here for the German version), March 2011

Nanotechnology Now press release and a MPI press release on nanoparticle synthesis in vesicles (click here for the German version), July 2009

press release on membrane fusion (click here for the German version), October 2006

broadcast report of Deutsche Welle TV in English

Full list of publications

List of some talks and organized conferences

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Rumiana Dimova


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