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Biomembranes and more

Last modified:  19/12/22, 10:50 AM

Since more than a decade now, giant vesicles are objects that fascinate and, at times, surprise us. These giants are only a few tens of microns in size and this defines their unique property: they are visible under a light microscope and provide a handy biomimetic tool for displaying directly the response of the membrane on the cell-size scale. Our group employs them for systematic measurements of the properties of lipid bilayers as a function of membrane composition and phase state, surrounding media, and temperature. The objectives of our group are to understand fundamental cellular phenomena and morphologies of cell organelles as well as to identify general mechanisms underlying cellular processes. If this grabbed your interest and you would like to learn more about giant vesicles, check The Giant Vesicle Book - it is both giant and about these giants.

…And apart from being focused on our work, we also have fun.


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