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Open positions for PhD or Postdoctoral fellowship in our group

Applications from students looking for a Master thesis project are also welcome.

Applications from motivated, intelligent and hard-working students and postdoctoral fellows are very welcome.  Feel free to send your application even if an open position is not announced below, especially if your background and achievements are well suited to the research of our group. The members of my group are required to possess good communication and interaction skills. Even if a position is available, poorly written, obscure, and mass-mailed applications are not likely to be considered. To apply for an open position, e-mail your application including your CV, publication list and contact information of your previous supervisors. For PhD applicants, a record of your university grades is required as well. Interested graduate and undergraduate students should feel free to contact members of the lab.

For MSc students looking for a project:

Please sent an e-mail including your CV and university grades

Address (link for directions; Google map location):

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces

Department of Theory and Bio-Systems

Science Park Golm

14424 Potsdam


Tel.: 49-331-567-9615 (office) / 9627 (lab)

Fax.: 49-331-567-9612

Email: dimova(at)mpikg.mpg.de


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