Equipment of the research Group Polymeric Biomimetics - Dr. Laura Hartmann
(DFG loan within the frame of Emmy Noether Grant HA 5950-1-1)

Peptide synthesizer
Model: Activotec P11 with UV-Monitoring

  • Automated peptide synthesizer suitable for peptide and organic solid phase synthesis
  • Any Fmoc or Boc coupling strategy can be used
  • Synthesis scale from 0.05 mM to 1.5 mM
  • Inert Atmosphere throughout

Model : Agilent Gradient HPLC 1200

  • contains quaternary pump with degasser, automated sampler, thermostatic column oven, variable wavelength detector
  • fluorescence detector of the 1200 series

Equipment of the research group Glycoimmunology - Dr. Bernd Lepenies

FACS flow cytometer (FACSCanto II, BD Biosciences)

  • visualization of cell characteristics and processes through fluorescent screening  (e.g. proliferation, expression, apoptosis)

Tecan infinite 200 microplate Reader

  • determine nucleotide and protein concentration in a 96 well plate

Elispot Reader (Biosys 5000Ea)

  • measurment of the single-cell cytokine release (96 well plate)

Equipment of the Research Group Glycoproteomics - Dr. Daniel Kolarich

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amaZon ETD Speed ion trap MS (Bruker Daltonics) coupled with an RSLC nano UPLC (Dionex, Part of Thermo Fisher)

Autoflex Speed MALDI TOF MS (part of the Department)

Equipment for chemical synthesis: Nano Group, De Novo Group, Automated Group - Prof. Peter H. Seeberger

custom made HTI solid phase synthesizer Zoom Image
custom made HTI solid phase synthesizer

self-built solid phase synthesizers (photo)

self-built solid phase synthesizer Zoom Image
self-built solid phase synthesizer

Equipment of the research group Micoreactors

self-made photoreactor Zoom Image
self-made photoreactor

Vapourtec Flow Reactor

self-built Photoreactor (photo)


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