Dr. Felix Löffler
Dr. Felix Löffler
Group Leader
Phone:+49 331 567-9359Fax:+49 331 567-9302

Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces - Biomolecular Systems, Am Mühlenberg 1, 14476 Potsdam, Germany


Microarray for high- throughput screening assays

Microarrays enable rapid high-throughput approaches to disease research, diagnostics, and drug discovery. The goal of our group is to generate highly complex microarrays, offering a multitude of different biomolecules. With such arrays, we want to advance screening technology and find e.g. novel biomarkers for disease diagnostics.

Our highly interdisciplinary research topics cover many different aspects of high-density arrays, their production technology, as well as their applications.

Technology development & applications

Laser-induced transfer for surface patterning

Our current technology research focuses on laser patterning technology. The approach unites the advantages of lithographic precision with rapid prototyping of recent 3d printing technology.

Exploiting this patterning technology, we strive to synthesize many different molecules in a novel solid material-based organic synthesis approach. Combining our expertise in organic chemistry and surface patterning with novel biological questions, we can synthetically create the whole genomic information of a pathogen. This allows us to screen e.g. the whole proteomes of different viruses to find novel diagnostic biomarkers.

We work in many different disciplines:

  1. Chemistry (surface chemistry, organic synthesis)
  2. Physics (laser processing, simulation)
  3. Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics (protein interactions, infectious diseases)
  4. Engineering (machine development, robotics, process automation)

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