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Journal Article
Stocco, A.; Carriere, D.; Cottat, M.; Langevin, D.: Interfacial Behavior of Catanionic Surfactants. Langmuir 26 (13), pp. 10663 - 10669 (2010)
Journal Article
Delorme, N.; Bardeau, J. F.; Carriere, D.; Dubois, M.; Gourbil, A.; Möhwald, H.; Zemb, T.; Fery, A.: Experimental evidence of the electrostatic contribution to the bending rigidity of charged membranes. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (10), pp. 2503 - 2505 (2007)
Journal Article
Carriere, D.; Krastev, R.; Schönhoff, M.: Oscillations in solvent fraction of polyelectrolyte multilayers driven by the charge of the terminating layer. Langmuir 20 (26), pp. 11465 - 11472 (2004)
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