External PhD representative

Sarah Young
Phone:+49 331 567-9464Fax:+49 331 567-9402


Victoria Schemenz
Phone:+49 331 567-9419Fax:+49 331 567-9402
Hubert  Taieb
Hubert Taieb
Phone:+49 331 567-9255Fax:+49 331 567-9402

Biomolecular Systems

Amiera Madani
Phone:+49 331 567-9347Fax:+49 331 567-9302
Susanne Reischauer
Phone:+49 331 567-9347Fax:+49 331 567-9302

Colloid Chemistry

Bradley Frank
Phone:+49 331 567-9378Fax:+49 331 567-9502
Diana Piankova
Phone:+49 331 567-9537Fax:+49 331 567-9502

Theory & Bio-Systems

Mina Aleksanyan
Phone:+49 331 567-9618Fax:+49 331 567-9602
Mareike Stephan
Phone:+49 331 567-9626Fax:+49 331 567-9602

PhD students representatives

PhD students representatives

Our joint goal is to improve the communication among PhD students between both the different departments of the MPI-KGF and the different institutes across our campus.

For this purpose, we organise joint seminars for further education, campus-wide parties, and trips to Berlin and the surrounding area.

We are also very glad to help address any questions or concerns that may occur during an individual's PhD work at the MPI-KGF.

Doctoral Students

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