Prof. Peter Fratzl
The overarching research area of the Department is biological materials science, which connects materials science and biology in a reciprocal way.
Biomolecular Systems
Prof. Peter H. Seeberger
The Department synthesizes "customized" sugar molecules and links them with other molecular groups.
Colloid Chemistry
Prof. Markus Antonietti
Research focuses on biomimetic systems that offer simple and sustainable solutions for global challenges such as the increasing energy demand and a global CO2 problem.
Sustainable and Bio-inspired Materials
Prof. Silvia Vignolini, Ph.D.
The research groups are tackling questions at the interface of chemistry, soft-matter physics, optics, and biology. The studies focus on how natural materials are ...


Lab-Made Sugars and Nanobodies from Alpacas Against Cancer. Oren Moscovitz Wins Prestigious Hermann Neuhaus Prize
Dr. Oren Moscovitz has been awarded €25,000 by the Max Planck Society for his promising research toward treatments and non-invasive diagnostics for cancers. Moscovitz and his team exploit unique sugar patterns found on cancer cells and develop ultra-small antibodies from alpacas (known as nanobodies) that bind to these sugars.

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