Gender Equality Office of MPICI

The Equal Opportunities Officer is responsible for promoting equal opportunities for all employees regardless of gender, origin, religion and sexual orientation and for counteracting discrimination of any kind. She has an advisory and supportive function in the development of an institute-specific equality strategy and in monitoring the implementation of the equality plan. 

It is to be involved in all processes relevant to equality: personnel, organisational and social measures affecting equal opportunities. In the event of sexualised discrimination and harassment, she is the first confidential contact person in the workplace.


- Family Affairs
- Legal basis for equality work
- Counselling and help [more]

Networks for female scientists at the MPICI, in the MPS, in Germany and Europe. [more]
Family Service
Short-term childcare
Certificate "Work-Life-Balance"
Pflegestützpunkt Brandenburg [more]
In March 2010 the Max Planck Society signed the Diversity Charter. The goal of this charter is to take the diversity of the modern society into consideration in companies and public institutions. [more]
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