Why do we have gender equality officers?

Why do we have gender equality officers?


  • There are still far less women than men in leadership position in research institutions and decision-making bodies in the fields of teaching, research and administration.
  • There are still not enough appealing, flexible working-time models for men and women.
  • Women are still subject to sexual discrimination.
  • The implementation of the government action plan for women and work is still not satisfying.

You can find the talk of Prof. Jutta Allmendinger (Link works with Institute computer) the president if the Berlin Social Science Center. She was the invited guest speaker at our Institute meeting in September 2014. Her talk was about stereotypes in Science and is half German half English.

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Certificate "Work-Life-Balance"
Pflegestützpunkt Brandenburg [more]
In March 2010 the Max Planck Society signed the Diversity Charter. The goal of this charter is to take the diversity of the modern society into consideration in companies and public institutions. [more]
What are the responsibilities of the gender equality officers?
Why do we have gender equality officers?
How do the gender equality officers put these goals into action? [more]
List of books in our library about different gender topics concerning publishing, equality, education, presenting, job applicatiion, science, legislation and many more. [more]

Networks for female scientists at the MPICI, in the MPS, in Germany and Europe. [more]
Gender equality in Germany "More women at the top!" Hochschulranking Women - national report Germany Equal opportunities of women at universities of Berlin (in German) [more]
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