Gender and Diversity

Gender and Diversity

In March 2010 the Max Planck Society signed the Diversity Charter. The goal of this charter is to take the diversity of the modern society into consideration also in companies and public institutions. A climate of acceptance and mutual trust is to be created.

All employees should be valued regardless of their gender, sexual orientation or identity, religion or worldview, disability, age or nationality.
Prejudice and stereotyping – as typical established characteristics and behaviors – often prevent an open minded and individual handling among each other.

The Test
There are some prejudices we have but are not aware of. Many things are established from imitation of our environment and information from society that are currently beeing used unconsciously.
Scientists of the University of Washington, University of Virginia and Harvard University founded the “Project Implicit” and developed online tests for different social topics.

Learn more about your own unconscious social attitudes and stereotyping approaches and take part anonymously in the online Implicit Association Test!

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