Gender Equality

Why do we have gender equality officers?


  • There are still far less women than men in leadership position in research institutions and decision-making bodies in the fields of teaching, research and administration.
  • There are still not enough appealing, flexible working-time models for men and women.
  • Women are still subject to sexual discrimination.
  • The implementation of the government action plan for women and work is still not satisfying.

Legal foundation:

(German Basic Law, Art. 3 Para. 2)

"Men and women have equal rights. The state promotes the actual implementation of equal rights of women and men and works towards the elimination of existing disadvantages."

What are the responsibilities of the gender equality officers?

The gender equality officers contributes to all personnel, organizational and social arrangements that are related to the equality of men and women, the reconciliation of work and family life and the protection against sexual harassment at the working place.

This has an effect on a series of decision-making processes, in which the gender equality officers need to be included according to the above stated requirements.

Personnel decision-making processes:

  • Advertisement of a vacancy, interviews, employment, staffing
  • Conversion to continuing employment, contract extension
  • Promotion
  • Delegacy, transfer of personnel
  • Incentive bonus, supplementary allowance
  • Board election
  • Regulations of work time
  • Assigning of part time work places
  • Training
  • Arrangements for occupational rehabilitation
  • Mobbing, stalking, sexual harassment
  • Written warnings, dismissal

Organizational decision-making processes:

  • Concept for training
  • Concept for human resources development
  • Arrangements for protection against sexual harassment
  • Establishment of project groups
  • Changes of the organization/ organigram
  • Restructuring of departments, research groups
  • Re-establishment of new departments/ research groups
  • Cancellation of departments/ research groups

Social decision-making processes:

  • Establishment of a day care facility
  • Implementation of Audit Family and work life
  • Assigning places at the day care facility
  • Establishment of canteens and coffee shops
  • Arrangements for occupational safety
  • Arrangements for occupational rehabilitation
  • Arrangements for workplace health promotion

Where can you find the rights and duties of a gender equality officers?


Gesamtbetriebsvereinbarung zur Gleichstellung




How do the officers put these goals into action?


  • Establishing the constitutionally guaranteed equality between men and women
  • Avoiding or removing any institutional disadvantages for female students, staff or faculty
  • Striving to increase the percentage of female professors
  • Participating in staffing procedures
  • Establishing women’s networks
  • Cooperating with gender equality officers of the whole MPS
  • Providing seminars and workshops for female co-workers (soft-skills)
  • Consulting and by giving support in fellowship and promotion matters
  • Providing information on career opportunities for women
  • Initiating measures for the advancement of women at the MPI
  • Counseling and by giving support in cases of sexual harassment and other forms of violence and mobbing
  • Consulting and supporting foreign co-workers and their families during their integration into the new life and work surroundings
  • Providing public information on the status of women at the MPI
  • Taking official positions on questions of equal opportunity
  • Coordinating their activities at the regional level.

For whom are the gender equality officers responsible for?

The representatives are contact persons for everyone who

  • has problems with the reconciliation of work and family life
  • needs information, support or help concerning equal opportunities
  • Unterstützung bei der Durchsetzung ihrer Rechte brauchen
  • is interested in gender studies and wants to get involved in this issue
  • wants to have contact to mentoring projects
  • has suggestions for improving equal opportunities for men and women at the MPI

We welcome the support of all institute members – we can only achieve our goals with your solidarity

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