Dr.  Christian Seidel
Dr. Christian Seidel
Group Leader
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Polymers and Polyelectrolytes

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Polymers and Polyelectrolytes

Research Interests 

  • Simulation (MC, MD, DPD) of macromolecular systems.
  • Structure of polyelectrolytes in solution and at interfaces.
  • Morphology of block-copolymer brushes and organization of nano-particles.
  • Behavior of tethered chains.

Selected Publications

  1. H. Dautzenberg, W. Jaeger, J. Kötz, B. Philipp, C. Seidel and D. Stscherbina, Polyelectrolytes - Formation, characterization and  application. Hanser, Munich, 1994.
  2. F. S. Csajka, R. R. Netz, C. Seidel and J.-F. Joanny, Collapse of polyelectrolyte brushes: Scaling theory and simulations, Eur. Phys. J. E, 4:505-13 (2001).
  3. N. A. Kumar and C. Seidel, Polyelectrolyte brushes with added salt, Macromolecules, 38:9341-50 (2005). 
  4. S. Uyaver and C. Seidel, Effect of varying salt concentration on the behavior of weak polyelectrolytes in a poor solvent, Macromolecules, 42:1352-61 (2009).
  5. O. A. Guskova and C. Seidel, Assembly of nano-particles on diblock copolymer brushes: toward laterally nano-structured composites, Soft Matter, 8:2833-43 (2012).  
  6. N. V. Brilliantov and C. Seidel, Grafted polyelectrolyte in strong electric field under load: Field-regulated force and chain contraction, Europhys. Lett., 24:28006(1-6) (2012).
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