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Laura Zorzetto

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Laura Zorzetto

Laura Zorzetto
Laura Zorzetto


Principles of Matrix Architecture in Biofilms

Telefon: +49 (331) 567-9464
Raum: K-0.217


  • Soft composites & tough hydrogels

  • Biomaterials

  • Integration of experimental and numerical methods



2014 – 2018:  PhD in Engineering and Technology Sciences

University of Liège, Belgium - Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Liège, Belgium
Thesis (award date: 14.12.2018): Bioinspired and architectured materials with enhanced mechanical performance by three-dimensional printing.
Supervisor: Prof. Davide Ruffoni

2012 - 2014: Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Politecnico di Milano, Italy.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Thesis (full mark: 110 cum laude /110, award date: 03.10.2014): Development of an implantable device for pain treatment in abdominal surgery.
Supervisor: Prof. Paola Petrini

2012 - 2014: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Thesis (full mark: 108/110, award date: 26.09.2012): Chemical, physical and biological characterization of antibacterial treatments for biomedical implantable devices.
Supervisor: Prof. Roberto Chiesa


Articles in Peer Reviewed Journals

  1. Zorzetto L. & Ruffoni D. (2019). Wood-inspired 3D Printed Helical Composites with Tunable and Enhanced Mechanical Performance. Advanced Functional Materials, 29, 1-9.
  2. Sardelli L., Pacheco D. P., Zorzetto L. (2019), Rinoldi C., Swieszkowski W., Petrini P. (2018). Engineering biological gradients. Journal of Applied Biomaterials & Functional Materials, 17, 1-15.
  3. Zorzetto L. & Ruffoni D. (2017). Re-entrant Inclusions in Cellular Solids: From Defects to Reinforcements. Composite Structures, 176, 195–204.
  4. Zorzetto L., Brambilla P., Marcello E., Bloise N., Cobianchi L., Peloso A., Allegri M., Visai L., Petrini P. (2016). From micro- to nanostructured implantable device for local anesthetic delivery. International Journal of Nanomedicine, 11, 1–15.

Book chapters

  • Pacheco D. P., Zorzetto L., & Petrini P. (2017). 4 - Soft tissue application of biocomposites A2 - Ambrosio, Luigi BT - Biomedical Composites (Second Edition). In Woodhead Publishing Series in Biomaterials (pp. 59–82).

Oral and poster presentation at international conferences

  1. Zorzetto L., Ruffoni D. (8-12 July 2018). Biomechanics of helicoidal microstructural motifs investigated by biologically inspired 3D printing. Poster presentation at 8th Would Congress of Biomechanics – WCB 2018, Dublin (Ireland).
  2. Zorzetto L., Ruffoni D. (19-22 March 2018). Investigating the multilayer fiber-reinforced structure of the wood cell using computer simulations and additive manufacturing. Poster presentation at 4th International School and conference on Biological Material Science. – Euro Bio-Inspired Materials 2018 – Potsdam (Germany).
  3. Zorzetto L., Ruffoni D. (17-22 September 2017). Mimicking helicoidal biological materials to improve strength of synthetic composites. Oral presentation at 15th European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes – EUROMAT 2017, Thessaloniki (Greece).
  4. Zorzetto L., Pacheco D. P., Andena L., Petrini P. (17-22 September 2017). A frugal synthesis method to develop tough and stretchable hydrogels. Oral presentation at 15th European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes – EUROMAT 2017, Thessaloniki (Greece).
  5. Zorzetto L., Ruffoni D. (7-9 September 2016). Auxetic inclusions in cellular solids allow tailoring Poisson’s ratio and enhancing stiffness. Oral presentation at 15th European Mechanics of Materials Conference – EMMC15, Brussels (Belgium).
  6. Zorzetto L., Thomassin J.M., Jérôme C., Ruffoni D. (31 January 2016 – 5 February 2016). Bioinspired helicoidal composites with tunable mechanical behavior by 3-dimensional multi-material printing. Poster presentation at Multifunctional Materials & Structures 2016 Gordon Research Conference, Ventura, CA (USA).
  7. Zorzetto L., Ruffoni D. (20-24 September 2015). Remarkable stiffness enhancement in multilayered honeycombs obtained through periodic variations in Poisson's ratio. Oral presentation at 14th European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes – EUROMAT 2015, Warsaw (Poland).
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