Fröbel-Kindergarten "Springfrosch"

Fröbel-Kindergarten "Springfrosch"

In total, 120 children from crèche to kindergarten age can be looked after in the new building. Its opening hours, which have been arranged with the daily routines of parents working in the sciences in mind, allow a balance to be achieved between careers and family life.

As well as providing an education which aims to have a natural and scientific approach, the teaching staff is rounded out by two native English speakers. With this bilingual and intercultural approach to education, the organisation takes an interest in the everyday experience of the children - the world of the “jumping frogs” is an international one.

An open and friendly atmosphere is created over two floors by the furnishings, architectural details and the colourful design of the premises, which are bathed in natural light. The children have fun with the “FRÖBEL door” - a small-scale door installed especially for them. For scientific curiosity and variety, there is an experimentation area, a workshop, a theatre stage, a language laboratory and a children’s restaurant with its own children’s kitchen. The playfully designed radio-show room is a particular highlight in the FRÖBEL kindergarten.

With its year-round opening times of 6am to 8pm, and at weekends if necessary, the kindergarten is tailored to the needs of parents employed on the site. Applications can be made all year round. The head of the kindergarten, Karin Reiß, can be reached by telephone for all queries from interested parents and for information on free places.

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