Custom made HTI solid phase synthesizer

Equipment list Golm


- Spin Spinsolve Benchtop NMR from Magritek
- NMR 400 MHz Premium Compact from Varian/Agilent
- NMR 600 MHz Premium Shielded from Varian/Agilent
- NMR 400 MHz Ascend from Bruker
- NMR 700 MHz Ascend from Bruker

Chromatography Systems
- UPLC Acquity H-class coupled with ESI-QTOF G2-Xevo-XS from Waters
- Nano UPLC Ultimate3000 from Dionex coupled with Ion trap amaZon ETD Speed from Bruker
- HPLC-System Serie 1200 coupled with ESI-Single Quadrupole (analytical/semipreparative) from Agilent
- HPLC-System Serie 1200 (preparative) from Agilent
- HPLC-System Serie 1100 coupled with ESI-Single Quadrupole (analytical) from Agilent
- HPLC-System Serie 1100 (analytic) from Agilent
- HPLC Platin Blue from Knauer
- HPLC/HPIC Dual system ICS5000 from Dionex
- Supercritical Fluid Chromatography-System Investigator from Waters
- FPLC Azura from Knauer
- Flash Chromatography-Systems from Biotage and from Grace

Self-built photoreactor

- MALDI-TOF Autoflex speed from Bruker
- Polarimeter Unipoll 1000 from Schmidt + Haensch GmbH
- FT-IR Spectrometer from Perkin Elmer
- UV-Spectrometer mini-1240 from Shimadzu
- Flow-IR from Mettler-Toledo

- Solid phase synthesizer from HTI and self-built
- Peptide synthesizer Liberty Blue from CEM
- Microwave synthesizer Discover LabMate from CEM
- Liquid phase radial synthesizer (self-built)

Other Equipment
- Dry solvent systems from JC Meyer
- Freeze drying Lyophilizer Alpha 2-4 LD plus from Christ coupled with SpeedVac Concentrator from Thermo Scientific
- High pressure reactor BR-100 from Berghof
- E-Series Photochemical reactor (UV and LED) from Vapourtec
- R-Series Mesofluidic reactors from Vapourtec
- 420 and 660 nm LED lamps from OSA Opto Light
- Cyclic voltammetry apparatus from CH Instruments, Inc

Self-built solid phase synthesizer

Bacterial lab
- Safety cabinets
- Digital Sonifire from Branson
- Gel documentation system Smart from VWR
- Shaker MaxQ 4000 and 6000
- Incubator
- Quantstudio Real-time PCR from Applied Biosysteme

Cell culture lab
- Safety cabinet
- Platereader M5 from Molecular Devices
- Flow Cytometer Attune NxT from Invitrogen
- CryoPlus1 liquid nitrogen tank for cell storage from Thermo scientific
- CO2-Incubator

Equipment list Dahlem

- Slide Printer SciFLEXARRAYER S3 from Scienion
- Array slide scanner GenePix 4300A from Molecular Devices
- SPR-surface plasmon resonance BIACORE T200 (Biomolecular Interaction Analysis) from GE HealthCare
- ELISA-Reader NanoQuant, infiniteM200, Chromatorreader) from Tecan
- PCR-Maschine (1000TM Thermal Cycler from Bio-Rad
- FACS from Becton Dickinson
- FPLC from Äkta

amaZon ETD Speed ion trap MS (Bruker Daltonics)

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