Multiscale Modelling


Research is focused on molecular modeling of biomolecules and biomaterials. The behavior of these systems usually involves multiple very different length and time scales. Interactions at the atomic scale controlls and modulate the mechanical and dynamic properties of molecular assemblies, such as membranes and proteins or protein aggregates at much larger length and time scales.

This "multiscale" behavior presents a challenge for modeling and understanding of processes involving such molecules. To bridge between the details at the atomistic scale and the mesoscopic scale of biological systems, hirachial models and methods to propagate information from the atomistic scale to more coarse-grained representations that can describe the relevant length and time scales of the mesoscopic systems need to be employed and developed.

Polysaccharides are some of the most abundant materials in nature. They play important roles for biosystems from structural functions to cell signaling and interactions with viruses and bacteria. [more]
Microtubuli [more]
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