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On September 3rd, we will open our doors to you. Come in and take a look behind the scenes of a research institute that is tackling the major societal challenges of this century. New chemical and materials science approaches are needed for a more sustainable use of material resources, so our scientists are researching ideas for a sustainable circular economy modeled on nature, in which materials are reused and recycled, are self-healing or adapt to environmental conditions.

For young and old there are numerous hands-on activities, experiments, exciting lectures and laboratory tours. Come by and take a look. more


Citycycling 2021
Do you go to work by bike? Or have you always wanted to go there by bike but lacked the necessary incentive? Public transport is not reliable these days? Then this one is for you: A basic principle in science is to make the world a little bit better. As part of Potsdam Science Park our institute would like to contribute to making Potsdam even more climate-friendly and its citizens even fitter by participating in the Germany-wide “STADTRADELN” campaign from September 6 to 26, 2021. more

Media Releases

Max Planck Researchers Discover Why Tendons Are Strong as Wire Ropes
Researchers discover new properties of collagen: During the intercalation of minerals in collagen fibers, a contraction tension is generated that is hundreds of times stronger than muscle strength. more


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