Publications of J. Shillcock

Journal Article (21)

Journal Article
Shillcock, J.; Boal, D.H.: Entropy-driven instability and rupture of fluid membranes. Biophysical Journal 71, pp. 317 - 326 (1996)

Meeting Abstract (2)

Meeting Abstract
Shillcock, J. C.; Lipowsky, R.: Mesoscopic simulations of vesicle fusion. In Biophysical Journal, 86 (1), p. 45A - 45A. Cell Press, Cambridge, Mass. (2004)
Meeting Abstract
Shillcock, J. C.; Seifert, U.: Monte Carlo simulation of multiple pores in a model fluid membrane. In Biophysical Journal, 72 (2), p. WP319 - WP319. (1997)
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