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Fery, A.; Böker, A.; Hanske, C.; Horn, A.; Lu, C. H.; Pretzl, M.; Schweikart, A.: PMSE 86-Lithography-free approaches to patterned multilayers based on wrinkling. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 236, p. 86-PMSE (2008)
Journal Article
Lu, C. H.; Möhwald, H.; Fery, A.: Large-Scale Regioselective Formation of Well-Defined Stable Wrinkles of Multilayered Films via Embossing. Chemistry of Materials 20 (22), pp. 7052 - 7059 (2008)
Journal Article
Lu, C. H.; Möhwald, H.; Fery, A.: A lithography-free method for directed colloidal crystal assembly based on wrinkling. Soft Matter 3 (12), pp. 1530 - 1536 (2007)
Journal Article
Lu, C. H.; Dönch, I.; Nolte, M.; Fery, A.: Au nanoparticle-based multilayer ultrathin films with covalently linked nanostructures: spraying layer-by-layer assembly and mechanical property characterization. Chemistry of Materials 18 (26), pp. 6204 - 6210 (2006)
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