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Journal Article
Scoppola, E.; Gochev, G.; Drnec, J.; Pithan, L.; Novikov, D.; Schneck, E.: Investigating the conformation of surface-adsorbed proteins with standing-wave X-ray fluorescence. Biomacromolecules 22 (12), pp. 5195 - 5203 (2021)
Journal Article
Tummino, A.; Scoppola, E.; Fragneto, G.; Gutfreund, P.; Maestro, A.; Dryfe, R. A.W.: Neutron reflectometry study of the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions: effects of electrolyte concentration, applied electric field, and lipid adsorption. Electrochimica Acta 384, 138336 (2021)
Journal Article
de Santis, A.; Vitiello, G.; Appavou, M.-S.; Scoppola, E.; Fragneto, G.; Barnsley, L. C.; Clifton, L. A.; Ottaviani, M. F.; Paduano, L.; Russo Krauss, I. et al.; D’Errico, G.: Not just a fluidifying effect: omega-3 phospholipids induce formation of non-lamellar structures in biomembranes. Soft Matter 16 (46), pp. 10425 - 10438 (2020)
Journal Article
Gochev, G.; Scoppola, E.; Campbell, R. A.; Noskov, B. A.; Miller, R.; Schneck, E.: β-lactoglobulin adsorption layers at the water/air surface: 3. Neutron reflectometry study on the effect of pH. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (50), pp. 10877 - 10889 (2019)
Journal Article
Lolicato, F.; Joly, L.; Martinez‐Seara, H.; Fragneto, G.; Scoppola, E.; Bombelli, F. B.; Vattulainen, I.; Akola, J.; Maccarini, M.: The role of temperature and lipid charge on intake/uptake of cationic gold nanoparticles into lipid bilayers. Small 15 (23), 1805046 (2019)
Journal Article
Scoppola, E.; Micciulla, S.; Kuhrts, L.; Maestro, A.; Campbell, R. A.; Konovalov, O. V.; Fragneto, G.; Schneck, E.: Reflectometry reveals accumulation of surfactant impurities at bare oil/water interfaces. Molecules 24 (22), 4113 (2019)
Journal Article
Fragneto, G.; Delhom, R.; Joly, L.; Scoppola, E.: Neutrons and model membranes: moving towards complexity. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 38, pp. 108 - 121 (2018)
Journal Article
Schneck, E.; Scoppola, E.: Combining scattering and simulation techniques for the study of biomolecular soft interfaces. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 37, pp. 88 - 100 (2018)
Journal Article
Rodriguez-Loureiro, I.; Scoppola, E.; Bertinetti, L.; Barbetta, A.; Fragneto, G.; Schneck, E.: Neutron reflectometry yields distance-dependent structures of nanometric polymer brushes interacting across water. Soft Matter 13 (34), pp. 5767 - 5777 (2017)

Working Paper (2)

Working Paper
Azulay, D. N.; Späker, O.; Ghrayeb, M.; Wilsch-Brauninger, M.; Scoppola, E.; Burghammer, M.; Zizak, I.; Bertinetti, L.; Politi, Y.; Chai, L.: Multiscale X-ray study of Bacillus subtilis biofilms reveals interlinked structural hierarchy and elemental heterogeneity. bioRxiv (2021)
Working Paper
Stawski, T. M.; Smales, G. J.; Scoppola, E.; Jha, D.; Morales, L. F. G.; Moya, A.; Wirth, R.; Pauw, B. R.; Emmerling, F.; Driessche, A. E. S. V.: Seeds of imperfection rule the mesocrystalline disorder in natural anhydrite single crystals. arXiv - Condensed Matter: Materials Science, arXiv:2106.11826 (2021)
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