Dr. Sinuhe Perea

Sustainable and Bio-inspired Materials

Main Focus

Imagining the path of light in the near-field landscape of nanophotonics

Since the unification of classical electromagnetism, the boundaries between Mathematics and Physics are slowly fading out thanks to the technological advances in nanoscience, metasurfaces, and optical devices. Our research explores the path of light in complex media, with special emphasis on evanescent and near-field structures; from complex wavevectors in Helmholtz dispersion to metasurfaces, topological defects, and novel dipolar sources via the angular spectrum method and spin-momentum phenomena of light.

We are particularly interested in:

  • Complex and near-field nanophotonics
  • Skyrmions and anapoles in nature
  • Topological singularities and metasurfaces
  • (Algebraic) number theory (OPN, FQHE)

Curriculum Vitae

Researcher at Sustainable and Bio-inspired Materials group at the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. Doctor in Photonics & Nanotechnology (King’s College London), graduated in Physics and Mathematics (University of Oviedo), and an Economics freshman. Even primes are odd.


And here a friendly stop-motion introduction to my research:


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