Journal Article (9)

Journal Article
Fratzl-Zelman, N.; Fratzl, P.; Hörandner, H.; Grabner, B.; Varga, F.; Ellinger, A.; Klaushofer, K.: Matrix mineralization in MC3T3-E1 cell cultures initiated by β-glycerophosphate pulse. Bone 23 (6), pp. 511 - 520 (1998)
Journal Article
Hüsing, N.; Schubert, U.; Misof, K.; Fratzl, P.: Formation and structure of porous gel networks from Si(OMe)4 in the presence of A(CH2)nSi(OR)3 (A = functional group). Chemistry of Materials 10 (10), pp. 3024 - 3032 (1998)
Journal Article
Reiterer, A.; Jakob, H.; Stanzl-Tschegg, S.; Fratzl, P.: Spiral angle of elementary cellulose fibrils in cell walls of Picea abies determined by small-angle X-ray scattering. Wood Science and Technology 32 (5), pp. 335 - 345 (1998)
Journal Article
Roschger, P.; Fratzl, P.; Eschberger, J.; Klaushofer, K.: Validation of quantitative backscattered electron imaging for the measurement of mineral density distribution in human bone biopsies. Bone 23 (4), pp. 319 - 326 (1998)
Journal Article
Weinkamer, R.; Fratzl, P.; Sepiol, B.; Vogl, G.: Monte Carlo simulation of diffusion in a B2-ordered model alloy. Physical Review B 58 (6), pp. 3082 - 3088 (1998)
Journal Article
Müller, M.; Czihak, C.; Vogl, G.; Fratzl, P.; Schober, H.; Riekel, C.: Direct observation of microfibril arrangement in a single native cellulose fiber by microbeam small-angle X-ray scattering. Macromolecules 31 (12), pp. 3953 - 3957 (1998)
Journal Article
Daxer, A.; Misof, K.; Grabner, B.; Ettl, A.; Fratzl, P.: Collagen fibrils in the human corneal stroma: structure and aging. Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science 39 (3), pp. 644 - 648 (1998)
Journal Article
Fratzl, P.; Misof, K.; Zizak, I.; Rapp, G.; Amenitsch, H.; Bernstorff, S.: Fibrillar structure and mechanical properties of collagen. Journal of Structural Biology 122 (1-2), pp. 119 - 122 (1998)
Journal Article
Fratzl, P.; Rinnerthaler, S.; Roschger, P.; Klaushofer, K.: Mineral crystals after fluoride treatment in osteoporosis. Osteologie 7, pp. 130 - 133 (1998)

Book Chapter (1)

Book Chapter
Lichtenegger, H.; Reiterer, A.; Tschegg, S.; Fratzl, P.: Determination of spiral angles of elementary fibrils in the wood cell wall: comparison of small-angle X-ray scattering and wide-angle X-ray diffraction. In: Microfibril angle in wood: the proceedings of the IAWA/IUFRO international workshop on the significance of microfibril angle to wood quality; Westport, New Zealand, November, 1997, pp. 140 - 156 (Ed. Butterfield, B. G.). IAWA (1998)

Conference Paper (2)

Conference Paper
Kegel, I.; Metzger, T.; Peisl, J.; Fratzl, P.; Lorke, A.; Kotthaus, J.; Garcia, J.; Petroff, P.: Strain and shape in self-assembled quantum dots studied by X-ray grazing incidence diffraction. MRS Symposium Proceedings 524, 89, (1998)
Conference Paper
Vogl, G.; Sepiol, B.; Czihak, C.; Ruffer, R.; Weinkamer, R.; Fratzl, P.; Fahnle, M.; Meyer, B.: Microscopic diffusion mechanism of iron in FeAl revisited by new methods. MRS Symposium Proceedings 527, 197, (1998)
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