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  1. 2001
    Journal Article
    Ahrens, H.; Baltes, H.; Schmitt, J.; Möhwald, H.; Helm, C. A.: Polyelectrolyte adsorption onto insoluble monolayers at the air/water interface. Macromolecules 34, pp. 4504 - 4512 (2001)
  2. Journal Article
    Antipov, A. A.; Sukhorukov, G. B.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Sustained release properties of polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 2281 - 2284 (2001)
  3. Journal Article
    Antipov, A. A.; Sukhorukov, G.; Leporatti, S.; Radtchenko, I. L.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Polyelectrolyte multilayer capsule permeability control. Colloids and Surfaces A 198/200, pp. 535 - 541 (2001)
  4. Journal Article
    Antonietti, M.: Surfactants for novel templating applications. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 6, pp. 244 - 248 (2001)
  5. Journal Article
    Antonietti, M.; Landfester, K.: Single molecule chemistry with polymers and colloids: A way to handle complex reactions and physical processes? ChemPhysChem 2, pp. 207 - 210 (2001)
  6. Journal Article
    Antonietti, M.; Landfester, K.; Mastai, Y.: The vision of "Nanochemistry", or is there a promise for specific chemical reactions in nano-restricted environments? Israel Journal of Chemistry 41, pp. 1 - 5 (2001)
  7. Journal Article
    Balaban, N. Q.; Schwarz, U. S.; Riveline, D.; Goichberg, P.; Tzur, G.; Sabany, I.; Mahalu, D.; Safran, S.; Bershadsky, A. D.; Addadi, L. et al.; Geiger, B.: Force and focal adhesion assembly: a close relationship studied using elastic micro-patterned substrates. Nature Cell Biology 3, pp. 466 - 472 (2001)
  8. Journal Article
    Balabushevitch, N. G.; Sukhorukov, G. B.; Moroz, N. A.; Volodkin, D. V.; Larionova, N. I.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Encapsulation of proteins by layer-by-layer adsorption of polyelectrolytes onto protein aggregates: Factors regulating the protein release. Biotechnology and Bioengineering 76, pp. 207 - 213 (2001)
  9. Journal Article
    Bastolla, U.; Farwer, J.; Knapp, E. W.; Vendruscolo, M.: How to guarantee optimal stability for most representative structures in the protein data bank. Proteins: Structure, Function, and Genetics 44, pp. 79 - 96 (2001)
  10. Journal Article
    Bastolla, U.; Grassberger, P.: Exactness of the annealed and the replica symmetric approximations for random heteropolymers. Physical Review E 63, 031901 (2001)
  11. Journal Article
    Bastolla, U.; Lässig, M.; Manrubia, S. C.; Valleriani, A.: Diversity patterns from ecological models at dynamical equilibrium. Journal of Theoretical Biology 212, pp. 11 - 34 (2001)
  12. Journal Article
    Berlepsch, H. v.; Möller, S.; Dähne, L.: Optical properties of crystalline pseudoisocyanine (PIC). Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 5689 - 5699 (2001)
  13. Journal Article
    Breidenich, M.; Netz, R. R.; Lipowsky, R.: Adsorption of polymers anchored to membranes. European Physical Journal E 5, pp. 403 - 414 (2001)
  14. Journal Article
    Brezesinski, G.; Müller, H. J.; Toca-Herrera, J. L.; Krustev, R.: X-ray diffraction and foam film investigations of PC head group interaction in water/ethanol mixtures. Chemistry and Physics of Lipids 110, pp. 183 - 194 (2001)
  15. Journal Article
    Bringezu, F.; Brezesinski, G.: Chemically modified lipids — a suitable tool to study molecular interactions in model systems. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 183, pp. 391 - 401 (2001)
  16. Journal Article
    Bringezu, F.; Ding, J. Q.; Brezesinski, G.; Zasadzinski, J. A.: Changes in model lung surfactant monolayers induced by palmitic acid. Langmuir 17, pp. 4641 - 4648 (2001)
  17. Journal Article
    Bringezu, F.; Rapp, G.; Dobner, B.; Nuhn, P.; Brezesinski, G.: Stability and structures of liquid crystalline phases formed by branched-chain phospholipid diastereomers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 1901 - 1907 (2001)
  18. Journal Article
    Bronstein, L. M.; Polarz, S.; Smarsly, B.; Antonietti, M.: Sub-nanometer noble-metal particle host synthesis in porous silica monoliths. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 1333 - 1336 (2001)
  19. Journal Article
    Burger, C.; Ruland, W.: Analysis of chord-length distributions. Acta Crystallographica A 57, pp. 482 - 491 (2001)
  20. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.: Nanoengineering of particle surfaces. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 11 - 22 (2001)
  21. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.: Generation of complex colloids by polyelectrolyte-assisted electrostatic self-assembly. Australian Journal of Chemistry 54, pp. 349 - 353 (2001)
  22. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.; Gittins, D.; Wang, D. Y.; Kumaraswamy, G.: From nanoengineered colloid particles to ordered colloidal assemblies. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chemical Society 221, pp. 91 - PMSE (2001)
  23. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.; Shi, X. Y.; Caruso, R. A.; Susha, A.: Hollow titania spheres from layered precursor deposition on sacrificial colloidal core particles. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 740 - 744 (2001)
  24. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.; Spasova, M.; Salgueirino-Maceira, V.; Liz-Marzan, L. M.: Multilayer assemblies of silica-encapsulated gold nanoparticles on decomposable colloid templates. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 1090 - 1094 (2001)
  25. Journal Article
    Caruso, F.; Spasova, M.; Susha, A.; Giersig, M.; Caruso, R. A.: Magnetic nanocomposite particles and hollow spheres constructed by a sequential layering approach. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 109 - 116 (2001)
  26. Journal Article
    Caruso, R. A.; Antonietti, M.: Sol-gel nanocoating: An approach to the preparation of structured materials. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 3272 - 3282 (2001)
  27. Journal Article
    Caruso, R. A.; Antonietti, M.; Giersig, M.; Hentze, H. P.; Jia, J. G.: Modification of TiO2 network structures using a polymer gel coating technique. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 1114 - 1123 (2001)
  28. Journal Article
    Caruso, R. A.; Schattka, J. H.; Greiner, A.: Titanium dioxide tubes from sol-gel coating of electrospun polymer fibers. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 1577 - 1579 (2001)
  29. Journal Article
    Caruso, R. A.; Susha, A.; Caruso, F.: Multilayered titania, silica, and Laponite nanoparticle coatings on polystyrene colloidal templates and resulting inorganic hollow spheres. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 400 - 409 (2001)
  30. Journal Article
    Casoli, A.; Brendle, M.; Schultz, J.; Auroy, P.; Reiter, G.: Friction induced by grafted polymeric chains. Langmuir 17, pp. 388 - 398 (2001)
  31. Journal Article
    Casoli, A.; Schönhoff, M.: Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy as a tool to investigate single molecule probe dynamics in thin polymer films. Biological Chemistry 382, pp. 363 - 369 (2001)
  32. Journal Article
    Cölfen, H.: Double-hydrophilic block copolymers: synthesis and application as novel surfactants and crystal growth modifiers. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 22, pp. 219 - 252 (2001)
  33. Journal Article
    Cölfen, H.; Berth, G.; Dautzenberg, H.: Hydrodynamic studies on chitosans in aqueous solution. Carbohydrate Polymers 45, pp. 373 - 383 (2001)
  34. Journal Article
    Cölfen, H.; Qi, L. M.: A systematic examination of the morphogenesis of calcium carbonate in the presence of a double-hydrophilic block copolymer. Chemistry – A European Journal 7, pp. 106 - 116 (2001)
  35. Journal Article
    Csajka, F. S.; Netz, R. R.; Seidel, C.; Joanny, J. F.: Collapse of polyelectrolyte brushes: Scaling theory and simulations. European Physical Journal E 4, pp. 505 - 513 (2001)
  36. Journal Article
    Cuniberti, G.; Valleriani, A.; Vega, J. L.: Effects of regulation on a self-organized market. Quantitative Finance 3 (1), pp. 332 - 335 (2001)
  37. Journal Article
    Czichocki, G.; Dautzenberg, H.; Capan, E.; Vorlop, K. D.: New and effective entrapment of polyelectrolyte-enzyme-complexes in LentiKats. Biotechnology Letters 23, pp. 1303 - 1307 (2001)
  38. Journal Article
    Czichocki, G.; Heger, R.; Much, H.; Kruger, R. P.; Goedel, W. A.: Synthesis of polyisoprenes with sulfonate head groups and their purification by HPLC. Tenside, Surfactants, Detergents 38, pp. 168 - 172 (2001)
  39. Journal Article
    Dähne, L.; Leporatti, S.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Fabrication of micro reaction cages with tailored properties. Journal of the American Chemical Society 123, pp. 5431 - 5436 (2001)
  40. Journal Article
    Dai, Z. F.; Voigt, A.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Novel encapsulated functional dye particles based on alternately adsorbed multilayers of active oppositely charged macromolecular species. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 22, pp. 756 - 762 (2001)
  41. Journal Article
    Dai, Z. F.; Voigt, A.; Leporatti, S.; Donath, E.; Dähne, L.; Möhwald, H.: Layer-by-layer self-assembly of polyelectrolyte and low molecular weight species into capsules. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 1339 - 1342 (2001)
  42. Journal Article
    Damm, C.; Dähne, L.; Müller, F. W.: Photo-EMF measurements on highly ordered layers of a cyanine dye. Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics 3, pp. 5416 - 5420 (2001)
  43. Journal Article
    Dautzenberg, H.; Zintchenko, A.; Konak, C.; Reschel, T.; Subr, V.; Ulbrich, K.: Polycationic graft copolymers as carriers for oligonucleotide delivery. Complexes of oligonucleotides with polycationic graft copolymers. Langmuir 17, pp. 3096 - 3102 (2001)
  44. Journal Article
    Dudnik, V.; Sukhorukov, G. B.; Radtchenko, I. L.; Möhwald, H.: Coating of colloidal particles by controlled precipitation of polymers. Macromolecules 34, pp. 2329 - 2334 (2001)
  45. Journal Article
    Estrela-Lopis, I.; Brezesinski, G.; Möhwald, H.: Dipalmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine/phospholipase D interactions investigated with polarization-modulated infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. Biophysical Journal 80, pp. 749 - 754 (2001)
  46. Journal Article
    Fainerman, V. B.; Miller, R.: Simple method to estimate surface tension of mixed surfactant solutions. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 11432 - 11438 (2001)
  47. Journal Article
    Fainerman, V. B.; Vollhardt, D.; Emrich, G.: Dynamics and phase transition in adsorbed monolayers of sodium dodecyl sulfate/dodecanol mixtures. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 4324 - 4330 (2001)
  48. Journal Article
    Fainerman, V. B.; Wüstneck, R.; Miller, R.: Surface tension of mixed surfactant solutions. Tenside, Surfactants, Detergents 38, pp. 224 - 229 (2001)
  49. Journal Article
    Farrell, K. V.; Grady, B. P.: EXAFS Spectroscopy Studies of Cation Local Environment in Sodium-Neutralized Ethylene Copolymer Ionomers. Macromolecules 34, pp. 7108 - 7112 (2001)
  50. Journal Article
    Faul, C.; Antonietti, M.; Sanderson, R.; Hentze, H. P.: Directed polymerization in mesophases of polyelectrolyte-surfactant complexes. Langmuir 17, pp. 2031 - 2035 (2001)
  51. Journal Article
    Fehring, V.; Kadyrov, R.; Ludwig, M.; Holz, J.; Haage, K.; Selke, R.: Synthesis of achiral, but unsymmetric, seven-membered rhodium(I)-chelates for hydrogenation in the chiral environment of alkyl polyglucoside micelles. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 621, pp. 120 - 129 (2001)
  52. Journal Article
    Fery, A.; Schöler, B.; Cassagneau, T.; Caruso, F.: Nanoporous thin films formed by salt-induced structural changes in multilayers of poly(acrylic acid) and poly(allylamine). Langmuir 17, pp. 3779 - 3783 (2001)
  53. Journal Article
    Flueraru, C.; Schrader, S.; Dietzel, B.; Motschmann, H.: Phase-matched second harmonic generation and cascaded nonlinearity in a Langmuir-Blodgett inverted waveguide of 2-docosylamino-5-nitropyridine. Journal of Applied Physics 90 (11), pp. 5469 - 5477 (2001)
  54. Journal Article
    Flueraru, C.; Schrader, S.; Dietzel, B.; Motschmann, H.; Schultz, B.; Prescher, D.: Determination of second-order susceptibility tensor elements of organic multilayer and waveguide structure. Synthetic Metals 121 (1-3), pp. 1505 - 1506 (2001)
  55. Journal Article
    Förster, S.; Berton, B.; Hentze, H. P.; Krämer, E.; Antonietti, M.; Lindner, P.: Lyotropic phase morphologies of amphiphilic block copolymers. Macromolecules 34, pp. 4610 - 4623 (2001)
  56. Journal Article
    Frielinghaus, H.; Hermsdorf, N.; Sigel, R.; Almdal, K.; Mortensen, K.; Hamley, I. W.; Meese, L.; Corvazier, L.; Ryan, A. J.; van Dusschoten, D. et al.; Wilhelm, M.; Floudas, G.; Fytas, G.: Blends of AB/BC diblock copolymers with a large interaction parameter chi. Macromolecules 34, pp. 4907 - 4916 (2001)
  57. Journal Article
    Fruhner, H.; Wantke, K. D.: The role of surface viscoelasticity in slide coating processes. Colloid and Polymer Science 279, pp. 898 - 908 (2001)
  58. Journal Article
    Funari, S. S.; Nuscher, B.; Rapp, G.; Beyer, K.: Detergent-phospholipid mixed micelles with a crystalline phospholipid core. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 98 (16), pp. 8938 - 8943 (2001)
  59. Journal Article
    Gao, C.; Donath, E.; Moya, S.; Dudnik, V.; Möhwald, H.: Elasticity of hollow polyelectrolyte capsules prepared by the layer-by-layer technique. European Physical Journal E 5 (1), pp. 21 - 27 (2001)
  60. Journal Article
    Gao, C.; Leporatti, S.; Moya, S.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Stability and mechanical properties of polyelectrolyte capsules obtained by stepwise assembly of poly(styrenesulfonate sodium salt) and poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium) chloride onto melamine resin particles. Langmuir 17 (11), pp. 3491 - 3495 (2001)
  61. Journal Article
    Gao, C.; Moya, S.; Lichtenfeld, H.; Casoli, A.; Fiedler, H.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: The decomposition process of melamine formaldehyde cores: The key step in the fabrication of ultrathin polyelectrolyte multilayer capsules. Macromolecular Materials and Engineering 286 (6), pp. 355 - 361 (2001)
  62. Journal Article
    Garidel, P.; Richter, W.; Rapp, G.; Blume, A.: Structural and morphological investigations of the formation of quasi-crystalline phases of 1,2-dimyristoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphoglycerol (DMPG). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 3 (8), pp. 1504 - 1513 (2001)
  63. Journal Article
    General, S.; Thünemann, A. F.: pH-sensitive nanoparticles of poly(amino acid) dodecanoate complexes. International Journal of Pharmaceutics 230, pp. 11 - 24 (2001)
  64. Journal Article
    Gittins, D.; Caruso, F.: Spontaneous phase transfer of nanoparticulate metals from organic to aqueous media. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition in English 40 (16), pp. 3001 - 3004 (2001)
  65. Journal Article
    Gittins, D. I.; Caruso, F.: Tailoring the polyelectrolyte coating of metal nanoparticles. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (29), pp. 6846 - 6852 (2001)
  66. Journal Article
    Göltner, C. G.; Smarsly, B.; Berton, B.; Antonietti, M.: On the microporous nature of mesoporous molecular sieves. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 1617 - 1624 (2001)
  67. Journal Article
    Góźdź, W. T.; Gompper, G.: Shape transformations of two-component membranes under weak tension. EPL 55, pp. 587 - 593 (2001)
  68. Journal Article
    Grady, B. P.; Rhodes, C. P.; York, S.; Frech, R. E.: Effect of temperature on local Structure in poly(ethylene oxide)-zinc bromide salt complexes. Macromolecules 34, pp. 8523 - 8531 (2001)
  69. Journal Article
    Grady, B. P.; Start, P. R.; Mauritz, K. A.: Effect of sol-gel polymerization of tetraethylorthosilicate on internal aggregate structure in zinc-neutralized ethylene-methacrylic acid ionomers. Journal of Polymer Science Part B-Polymer Physics 39, pp. 197 - 200 (2001)
  70. Journal Article
    Haage, K.; Motschmann, H.; Bae, S. M.; Gründemann, E.: Amphiphilic alkyl dimethylaminopyridinium compounds - on the design of SHG active cationic amphiphiles and their adsorption behavior - Part 1. Synthesis of SHG-active alkyl dimethylaminopyridinium bromide, structure and physical properties. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 183, pp. 583 - 593 (2001)
  71. Journal Article
    Han, B. H.; Polarz, S.; Antonietti, M.: Cyclodextrin-based porous silica materials as in situ chemical "nanoreactors" for the preparation of variable metal-silica hybrids. Chemistry of Materials 13, pp. 3915 - 3919 (2001)
  72. Journal Article
    Heinig, P.; Steffen, P.; Wurlitzer , S.; Fischer, T. M.: Two-dimensional pendant droplet tensiometry in a Langmuir monolayer. Langmuir 17 (17), pp. 6633 - 6637 (2001)
  73. Journal Article
    Helfrich, W.; Weikl, T. R.: Two direct methods to calculate fluctuation forces between rigid objects embedded in fluid membranes. European Physical Journal E 5 (4), pp. 423 - 439 (2001)
  74. Journal Article
    Hentze, H. P.; Antonietti, M.: Template synthesis of porous organic polymers. Current Opinion in Solid State and Materials Science 5, pp. 343 - 353 (2001)
  75. Journal Article
    Hoffmann, D.; Landfester, K.; Antonietti, M.: Encapsulation of magnetite in polymer particles via the miniemulsion polymerization process. Magnetohydrodynamics 37 (3), pp. 217 - 221 (2001)
  76. Journal Article
    Ibarz, G.; Dähne, L.; Donath, E.; Möhwald, H.: Smart micro- and nanocontainers for storage, transport, and release. Advanced Materials 13 (17), pp. 1324 - 1327 (2001)
  77. Journal Article
    Jin, W.; Shi, X. Y.; Caruso, F.: High activity enzyme microcrystal multilayer films. Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (33), pp. 8121 - 8122 (2001)
  78. Journal Article
    Johann, R.; Brezesinski, G.; Vollhardt, D.; Möhwald, H.: The effect of headgroup interactions on structure and morphology of arachidic acid monolayers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105, pp. 2957 - 2965 (2001)
  79. Journal Article
    Johann, R.; Vollhardt, D.; Möhwald, H.: Study of the pH dependence of head group bonding in arachidic acid monolayers by polarization modulation infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 182 (1-3), pp. 311 - 320 (2001)
  80. Journal Article
    Johann, R.; Vollhardt, D.; Möhwald, H.: Shifting of fatty acid monolayer phases due to ionization of the headgroups. Langmuir 17 (15), pp. 4569 - 4580 (2001)
  81. Journal Article
    Khattari, Z.; Hatta, E.; Kurth, D. G.; Fischer, T. M.: Cavitation in two-dimensional metallo-supramolecular coordination polyelectrolyte amphiphile complexes. The Journal of Chemical Physics 115 (21), pp. 9923 - 9928 (2001)
  82. Journal Article
    Klumpp, S.; Mielke, A.; Wald, C.: Noise-induced transport of two coupled particles. Physical Review E 63 (3), 031914 (2001)
  83. Journal Article
    Kovalchuk, N. M.; Kovalchuk, V. I.; Vollhardt, D.: Numerical study of the Marangoni instability resulting in surface tension auto-oscillations: General regularities of the system evolution. Physical Review E 63 (3), 031604 (2001)
  84. Journal Article
    Kovalchuk, N. M.; Vollhardt, D.: A numerical study of surface tension auto-oscillations. Effect of surfactant properties. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (20), pp. 4709 - 4714 (2001)
  85. Journal Article
    Kovalchuk, V. I.; Zholkovskiy, E. K.; Bondarenko, N. P.; Vollhardt, D.: Dissociation of fatty acid and counterion binding at the langmuir monolayer deposition: Theoretical considerations. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (38), pp. 9254 - 9265 (2001)
  86. Journal Article
    Krass, H.; Plummer, E. A.; Haider, J. M.; Barker, P. R.; Alcock, N. W.; Pikramenou, Z.; Hannon, M. J.; Kurth, D. G.: Immobilization of pi-assembled metallo-supramolecular arrays in thin films: From crystal-engineered structures to processable materials. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition 40, pp. 3862 - 3865 (2001)
  87. Journal Article
    Krasteva, N.; Krustev, R.; Müller, H. J.; Vollhardt, D.; Möhwald, H.: Effect of fructose, sucrose, and dimethyl sulfoxide on the equilibrium thickness of DMPC foam films. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 105 (6), pp. 1185 - 1190 (2001)
  88. Journal Article
    Krasteva, N.; Vollhardt, D.; Brezesinski, G.; Möhwald, H.: Effect of sugars and dimethyl sulfoxide on the structure and phase behavior of DPPC monolayers. Langmuir 17, pp. 1209 - 1214 (2001)
  89. Journal Article
    Kriz, J.; Dautzenberg, H.: Cooperative interactions of unlike macromolecules 2: NMR and theoretical study of electrostatic binding of sodium poly(styrenesulfonate)s to copolymers with variably distributed cationic groups. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 105, pp. 3846 - 3854 (2001)
  90. Journal Article
    Kriz, J.; Dybal, J.; Dautzenberg, H.: Cooperative interactions of unlike macromolecules: 3. NMR and theoretical study of the electrostatic coupling of sodium polyphosphates with diallyl(dimethyl)ammonium chloride-acrylamide copolymers. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 105, pp. 7486 - 7493 (2001)
  91. Journal Article
    Kumar, P. B. S.; Gompper, G.; Lipowsky, R.: Budding dynamics of multicomponent membranes. Physical Review Letters 86 (17), pp. 3911 - 3914 (2001)
  92. Journal Article
    Kurth, D. G.; Fromm, K. M.; Lehn, J. M.: Hydrogen-bonding and metal-ion-mediated self-assembly of a nanoporous crystal lattice. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (6), pp. 1523 - 1526 (2001)
  93. Journal Article
    Kurth, D. G.; Schütte, M.: Layer-by-layer self-assembly of a metallo-supramolecular coordination polyelectrolyte studied by infrared spectroscopy, microgravimetry, and X-ray reflectance. Macromolecular Symposia 164 (1), pp. 167 - 179 (2001)
  94. Journal Article
    Landfester, K.: The generation of nanoparticles in miniemulsions. Advanced Materials 13, pp. 765 - 768 (2001)
  95. Journal Article
    Landfester, K.: Polyreactions in miniemulsions. Macromolecular Rapid Communications 22, pp. 896 - 936 (2001)
  96. Journal Article
    Landfester, K.: Quantitative considerations for the formulation of miniemulsions. Progress in Colloid and Polymer Science 117, pp. 101 - 103 (2001)
  97. Journal Article
    Larsson, A.; Kuckling, D.; Schönhoff, M.: 1H NMR of thermoreversible polymers in solution and at interfaces: the influence of charged groups on the phase transition. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 190 (1-2), pp. 185 - 192 (2001)
  98. Journal Article
    Lässig, M.; Bastolla, U.; Manrubia, S. C.; Valleriani, A.: Shape of ecological networks. Physical Review Letters 86 (19), pp. 4418 - 4421 (2001)
  99. Journal Article
    Lehmann, P.; Kurth, D. G.; Brezesinski, G.; Symietz, C.: Structural analysis of a metallosupramolecular polyelectrolyte-amphiphile complex at the air/water interface. Chemistry – A European Journal 7, pp. 1646 - 1651 (2001)
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