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Chapter 1


The Institute in Numbers
The Research Program of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPICI)
Scientific Relations
International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) on Biomimetic Systems
Press and Public Relations

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Chapter 2

Research in the Department of Biomaterials, Prof. P. Fratzl

Biological Materials
Plant Systems Biomechanics, Dr. I. Burgert
Bone Material Quality and Osteoporosis Research, Prof. P. Fratzl
Mineralized Tissues, Dr. H. S. Gupta
Bone Regeneration, Dr. M. Inderchand
Mechanobiology, Dr. R. Weinkamer

Biological and Bio-Inspired Materials
Biological and Bio-Inspired Materials, Dr. B. Aichmayer, Dr. R. Elbaum, Dr. P. Zaslansky, Prof. P. Fratzl

Bio-Inspired Materials
Mesoscale Materials and Synchrotron Research, Dr. O. Paris

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Chapter 3

Research in the Department of Colloid Chemistry, Prof. M. Antonietti

Heterophase Polymerization
Polymer Dispersions/Heterophase Polymerizations,Dr. K. Tauer
Self-Organizing Polymers
Biohybrid Polymers, Dr. H. Schlaad
Polymer-Bioconjugates as Macromolecular LEGO® - Bricks, Dr. H. Börner
Biomimetic Mineralization, Dr. H. Cölfen

Mesoporous Materials and Nanoparticles Organic Chemistry Meets Inorganic Materials Synthesis, Dr. M. Niederberger
Mesoporous “Non-Oxidic” Materials, Dr. A. Thomas
Synthesis and Characterization of Self-assembled Inorganic Materials, Dr. B. Smarsly

Modern Techniques of Colloid Analysis
Fractionating Colloid Analytics, Dr. H. Cölfen
Electron Microscopic Studies of Colloidal Systems and Biomaterials, Dr. J. Hartmann
Light Scattering at Interfaces, Dr. R. Sigel

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Chapter 4

Research in the Department of Interfaces, Prof. H. Möhwald

(Quasi) Planar Interfaces – Fluid Interfaces
Interactions at Interfaces: Langmuir Monolayers as Model Systems, Dr. G. Brezesinski
Thin Soft Films, Dr. R. Krastev
Dilational Rheology of Mixed Protein-Surfactant Adsorption Layers, Dr. R. Miller
Ion Distribution at Interfaces, Dr. H. Motschmann

Solid Interfaces
Nucleation, Interfacial Molecular Mobility and Ordering of Alkanes at Solid/Vapor Interfaces, Dr. H. Riegler

Non-Planar Interfaces
Nanoscale Membranes: Narrowing the Gap between Materials Science and Biology, Dr. A. Fery
From Molecular Modules to Modular Materials, Dr. D. G. Kurth
Biomimetic Vectorial Electron Transfer, Prof. H. Möhwald
Active Coatings Based on Incorporated Nanocontainers (Nanofuture Group), Dr. D. Shchukin
Multifunctional Polymer Micro-Capsules, Dr. G. Sukhorukov
Ordering of Functionalized Nanoparticles, Dr. D. Wang

International Joint Laboratory
Molecular Assemblies of Biomimetic Systems and Nanostructures, Prof. J. Li

Research Group Nanotechnology for Life Science
Hybrid MPG/FhG Research Group “Nanotechnology for Life Science” & Golm Campus Initiative “Bioactive Surfaces”, Dr. J.-F. Lutz

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Research in the Theory & Bio-Systems Department, Prof. R. Lipowsky

Polymers and Proteins
Peptide Folding, Aggregation and Adsorption at Interfaces, Dr. V. Knecht
Protein Folding, Dr. T. Weikl
Polymer Brushes, Dr. C. Seidel

Molecular Motors
Chemomechanical Coupling of Molecular Motors, Prof. R. Lipowsky
Cooperative Transport by Molecular Motors, Dr. S. Klumpp

Rods and Filaments
Polymerization of Filaments, Dr. J. C. Shillcock
Semiflexible Polymers and Filaments, Dr. J. Kierfeld
Fractionation and Low-Density-Structures in Systems of Colloidal Rods, Dr. T. Gruhn

Membranes and Vesicles
Exploring Vesicle Fusion with Dissipative Particle Dynamics, Dr. J. C. Shillcock
Unveiling Membrane Fusion, Dr. R. Dimova
Electro-Deformation and -Poration of Vesicles, Dr. R. Dimova
Molecular Recognition in Membrane Adhesion, Dr. T. Weikl

Networks in Bio-Systems
Activity Patterns on Scale-Free Networks, Prof. R. Lipowsky
Stochastic Modeling in Ecology and Evolution, Dr. A. Valleriani

Holding with Invisible Light: Optical Trapping of Small and Large Colloidal Particles, Dr. R. Dimova

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Chapter 6

Organization Chart
Scientific Advisory Board
Third Party Funds
Selected Events
Scientific Degrees
Appointments and Honors
Publications and Patents

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