Dr. Barbara Aichmayer
Phone:+43-1 505 67 40 - 8509

FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds

Bio-inspired Hybrid Materials and Synchrotron Research

The group “Bio-inspired Hybrid Materials and Synchrotron Research” was led by Barbara Aichmayer*. The research group investigated physical and physicochemical aspects of the interplay between organic molecules and minerals with the aim of gaining new knowledge on the formation mechanisms, structure and properties of hybrid materials and organic-inorganic composites. The focus lay on exploring how organic molecules affect the structure and properties of minerals on the size level of nanometers and below. This task was addressed by investigating both, biominerals (e.g. mollusk shells, crayfish) as well as bio-inspired materials (polymer-mineral composites). In addition, the group held the responsibility of maintaining the MPI’s experimental stage at the synchrotron radiation facility BESSY II, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin. Hence, another important aim of the group was to continuously enhance the available in-situ and scanning SAXS/WAXD (+XRF) setups for the characterization of biomaterials.

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